Craftopia introduces dual wield, new bosses, snap-to-grid build capabilities, and multiplayer fixes

It was hot since I looked back CraftopiaIt’s a craft-oriented survival sandbox for early access from the developer Pocket Pair, but it’s some because the developers said the update frequency was reduced to a much less crazy rhythm of “every day”. There is a good reason. Since then, the game has made some small updates, but with a fairly wide variety of new ones, we’ll focus on the latest updates here.

First, dual wield skills have been added, allowing players to left-click, right-click, or left-click and right-click to win a sweet victory. Subsequent attacks will be added to the increase in buffs that apply rush buffs that allow players to use rush skills on the ground or in the air when the maximum number of stacks is reached. Of course, this is a craft survival game, so players will want to pay attention to the durability of their weapons.

When it comes to weapon durability, this update also adds a repair shop that you can create to restore worn items to their original maximum durability. Three new bosses for players to fight, toggles that allow players to snap building pieces to the grid, some new furniture, Unlimited Fake Blade skills, and enchantments for some new items such as fuel efficiency, gluttony, and philosophy. There is also. You will be wondering what a philosophical sword looks like. Finally (and more directly related to our wheelhouse), the latest updates have improved multiplayer and fixed an issue where Steam friends couldn’t play with each other.

These are just a few highlights of the otherwise extensive patch notes, so check out the details. The next stable release of the game will arrive on November 25th.

Craftopia introduces dual wielding, new bosses, snap-to-grid building features, and a multiplayer fix

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