Cramorant stole Pokemon Unite show

Before Pokemon Unite, I didn’t care about the Pokemon called Cramorant.

A bird-like flying water type has been released Pokemon Sword and Shield, And nothing really attracted me to it, except for the funny gimmick that carried Pikachu.

But now it’s clear. Cormorant, Oops, the Pokemon named CRAM-orant is a combination of a real waterfowl and the idea of ​​”stuffing” the stuff into the throat, but it’s absolutely scary. For that reason, it is called “Rugged Pokemon”. This creature has a gorgeous foam that canonically carries the entire Pikachu in its throat.According to the official Pokédex entry from Pokemon sword, Pikachu “inadvertently” got stuck and said, “Kramorant is suffocating a little, […] I don’t really care. “

It’s no shock that this Pokemon can completely eat up the competition Pokemon Unite Arena. Pokemon Unite Is a new MOBA-style game from Pokemon Company and Tencent Games. At the start of each match, players can choose from Pokemon-inspired fighter executives for a 5v5 match.

Looking at the formidable lineup of characters that can be unlocked with hard-earned Aeos coins, at first glance at this dummy such as Lucario, Absol, etc., I quickly realized that it was a fighter for me. It was. All I had to do was read some tips and watch one or two videos on how to “carry with Cramorant”, and I went out to race.

This terrible bird completely wipes out the competition. It doesn’t matter if it’s mythical or a borderline legendary Pokemon like Lucario or Zeraora, Clamorant surfs the way through competition. It’s so powerful that it reduces the franchise mascot Pikachu and the Barracuda Pokemon Arokuda to just projectiles that fire at enemies.

In one battle, I fought Zapdos myself while waiting for the other members of the team to arrive, significantly reducing their health. If this is standard Pokemon logic, the water and flying types have no chance of competing with the legendary electric types or things like Thunder. But, Pokemon Unite There are no basic weaknesses. Anarchy reigns supreme and my clamorant is at the top of the heap.

All I’m waiting for right now is a big stupid outfit wearing my big stupid bird. Currently, there are no cosmetic options available in Cramorant.

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