Creating hidden objects now available on Xbox One

Our small team created about 10 prototypes before finally coming up with the current version of the project. First, the team dug up old Doodle-style pieces that they thought were cool, and came up with a way to integrate them into gameplay. It quickly turned out that implementing such a simple idea would require more effort than you could imagine, but every time you come across yet another pitfall, you’re ready to help us. Someone always appeared and sometimes didn’t even ask for a reward. After that, we tried to incorporate this kindness and friendliness into the game and turn the story into a learning opportunity.

This project was also my debut as a screenwriter.Working on My hidden things It was a truly spectacular experience and revealed a lot about myself. It also helped me understand something important. No matter how clichΓ© it sounds, you won’t doubt yourself for a second. You know what it looks like-you’re submerged in some routine work and nothing seems to be going on, although your personal mistakes are disproportionately blown away , All your achievements seem very small and insignificant. I was completely confused at the time, so at some point I decided to turn over the new leaves. I quit a good job, said goodbye to my parents, handed out pets, paid attention to the wind, and ran away. To a completely different country that no one knew.

My hidden things

After working for five years in another, but closely related area, I finally took the courage and decided it was. It’s time to do something for yourself. By that time, I already knew there was no such thing as a miracle. At least I don’t think there was anything in my life. So I thought it was all up to me, and I had to do what I had to do to turn my luck around. And it’s done πŸ™‚

My hidden things

It really worked, thanks to producer Constantine Semenov. While writing the script, I really learned a lot from scratch, and I also had to work fast. After all, game development is not clearly defined. Games bring a little magic to our boring life. Working with game scripts is rewarding and rewarding. The project literally upset my life (yes, you heard me right), so now I finally feel like I’m in my element. Even the weirdest ideas aren’t wasted here. They are accumulated, processed, and then converted into something that all players can relate to.

My hidden things

Xbox Live

My hidden things

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Initially there was nothing. There was only the chaos of dreams, from which Xary was born. It understood the nature of people and tried to help them, but it was too young for it. Then you came. Together, you can reach the bottom of this … Sometimes life tests us. The protagonists of these stories face many challenges, whether they are ill with their loved ones, on dangerous journeys, or away from abusive relationships. The solution is not always obvious and is often scary. Immerse yourself in three moving stories full of pain, joy, fear, hope, and victory. My Hidden Things is a bold experiment. It’s a mixture of visual novels and hidden object adventures and unusual mechanics. You need to not only search for objects, but also combine them to get the objects in the list. The plot revolves around the dreams of you and some of the people Xary needs to help. With your help, they can overcome their difficulties and maintain their humanity. The story is displayed in comic strip format.

Creating My Hidden Things, Now Available for Xbox One

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