Creeper World 4 is a consistent victory

Consistency. That is the word that comes to mind.

It’s something to use carefully when talking about sequels. I tend to criticize games, especially long-running series, by slowly repeating them rather than seizing big opportunities. I lamented Tropico’s rehash. I was worried about copying XCOM and pasting it into the fault. Before throwing through the window, I sent everyone to GTA to show a picture of Saints Row.

But this is Creeper World 4, which will be quietly released at the end of 2020, an already busy month. I can’t even say it’s revolutionary or dramatically different from the rest of the series. Still, every time I play, I get hooked. again.

Creeper World is a series of real-time strategy games about building gun installation locations and a network of infrastructure to support them. This is to fend off the constantly invading tides of the murderous purple liquid and ultimately destroy it. In terms of genre, as the author said when talking to RPS contributor Alex Wiltshire. At the heart of each is a distilled strategy game, but it’s seasoned to keep things interesting, rather than completely reverting to pure ethanol.

If you agree with Simon Pegg’s interpretation, creepers use the same dynamics as zombies.

They are puzzle-solving shots, most similar to tower defense. The leaderboard also encourages those who tend to race each level as fast as possible, so there are also tips for score attack options. All three are genres that I tend to bounce back on. This will give you an idea of ​​how good this series is. Spend energy to build a generator. This will increase your energy income until you can support turrets, different types of turrets, special defense units or utility units (especially “telps” that burn energy and change terrain). Each level typically has certain threats that need to be shut down, or items that you collect by bringing your network close enough. And all the while, creepers are coming.

That is another thing that defines them. I wrote in 2016 that creepers are the best monsters in the game, although they sound a bit ridiculous, just because of their simplicity. It’s pure destruction. Douglas Adams, in Hitchhiker’s third book, shows a group of killer robots feeling emotionless, “just as guns and knives are not deadly, but brick walls on the highway are deadly.” I explained that. It’s just a kind of cold and fundamental malice created by creepers. Color the series with a unique horror.

Walls are an obvious use of terraforming, but imaginative players can use them to manipulate creepers and prepare attack formations in advance.

Creepers also use zombie-like dynamics if they agree with Simon Pegg’s interpretation that the only real danger zombies pose is to punish carelessness. In the story, the only certainty of all human society is that the creeper will eventually come back. Overnight, next year, or even thousands of years from now, will Please come back to the moment you forgot. And it works perfectly. Because the same is true in terms of play. Only one improperly designed energy grid and one unprotected front are needed, as the creeper can break through and compromise levels. Complacency means the death of a civilization within a setting and a player within that level. It is consistency that protects us. Maintain their defenses. Make a backup of them. Keep those inputs.

And this is even more true with Creeper World 4, which is a full 3D simulation with headline capabilities. Where previous games were categorically top-down or side-on only, now those deep and ominous pools and ominous waves are suddenly physically approaching a small base (but until you press Shift +). The view is limited to more practical angles and magnifications F) for more dramatic camera modes.

A screenshot of Creeper World 4 showing a line of turrets pointing down a huge wave of creepers that have begun to consume the building.
“The level of detail is high. Please do not contact us anymore. The report will end.”

The concrete results of this new perspective are a bit esoteric. Height will affect the range of weapons and the reach of energy / building networks, making these terraforming strategies a bit more important. Some enemy types are a little more dangerous. Spores in the air, in particular, can now arc beyond the missile’s defenses and attack satisfactory targets when expanded. But the biggest advantage is that some players probably consider it a drawback. It is to create a kind of fog of war.

These games were understated art direction, but always fascinating, with solid audio that was strangely relaxing at the plateau stage of the level. The change to 3D makes you want to spend time looking around just by watching the machine pump resources. The nullifier powers on, energy packets fly around the line, and mortars dig a momentary divot out of the group. Check in to that reservoir of anti-creeper, a powerful liquid that does what it sounds like. Examine the northern front to determine if it is still strong enough to move forward.Make a good angle to the big flow of the god who just exploded When was the tide so high?

Screenshot of Creeper World 4. It shows a terrain surrounded by high walls, and beyond that is a creeper. The terrain is covered in fog.
The white anti-creeper is more powerful than ever. On some maps, you can build such reservoirs to tactically defeat them and defeat creepers in your own game.

It subtly promotes complacency. And I think that’s a good thing. You can switch to the top-down view at any time and the default view will cover most of the time anyway, but it will be on. I will take a closer look. It is in order.

However, Creeper World 4 is not a difficult game. Like its predecessor, levels are usually the most difficult in the opening phase, where you scramble to get enough defense. Achieve it, and unless you’re careless, you’ve already won most, and nevertheless, bases with some redundancy can often correct mistakes. It brings out the same rhythm as usual: hurry, then integrate, and clean up. Occasional curve ball levels usually telegram the solution before the hammer falls. Also, it rarely takes more than an hour (especially much shorter if you’re doing exactly what you want, rather than eradicating all Gandhi traces), so rebooting is almost a problem. There is none.

Creeper World 4 is the same in a nutshell. But it’s subtly better.

If a typical tower defense is a kind of fire-and-forget and you often lose long before you can do anything about it, Creeper World gives you full control of your pace, except for occasional scrabble. Give. I’m a slow player and enjoy establishing equilibrium before systematically clearing the entire level. Throw a small pioneer cannon, mortar and atomizer directly into the creeper wave with a small commando raid. But either assassinate a hostile producer, start from the most dangerous place and try to shut down the enemy to reverse the level, or ignore the threat and rush to the goal before the first wave hits. You may prefer to do it.

With all these approaches, Creeper World 4 remains relentlessly appealing. Continuous shooting is the heartbeat of hypnosis. The creeper itself was menacing and mysteriously calm, and its terrifying liquid ripples and flow were less sticky and slowed down. It’s like moving on a slightly different timeline, which emphasizes its pure otherness, its mistakes. Its essence, its slow inevitability, leads to complacency that you probably cannot hold anyone but you accountable. Between timers, voice cues, and descriptive text, we rarely blame you for not seeing enough warnings.

Screenshot of Creeper World 4 with a well-protected base on the right and a sea of ​​creepers on the left, some of which wind through maze-like terrain.
I don’t think the cuteness is well recognized. It’s clean and colorful, but it’s made clear by the move to 3D. You can just look at it for a while.

And those texts are fine too. You are a scientist flying across the galaxy after an unsuccessful experiment and plagued by this unfamiliar threat. Along the way, gradually gather the tools you need to dodge and rebuild it. This time around, it includes some new tools like an autonomous anti-creeper drone and a weird pyramid to punt pumps. This time around, I feel more hopeful with supportive AI and messages of encouragement from ancient cults, but it’s more about the subtly desolate mood and comprehensive concept than the details of the plot. Of course, beyond that, there are user-created maps. This promises a free unofficial update for several months.

Creeper World 4 is the same in a nutshell. But it’s subtly better. Even if you prefer a 2D approach, you’ll probably find that this outing isn’t bad, it’s different. This is what I recommend for 3 or more, but it doesn’t work perfectly. And in the end, it’s a result in itself. The move to 3D is a big design challenge that players can easily and easily do, and getting the magic back completely is an advance. Self-satisfaction may be an enemy, but consistency is our friend. And now I need friends. It’s creepy there.

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