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Cricket | India routs England with 1 inning and 25 runs in fourth test

Axor Patel and Ravichandran Ashwin will be forever when India advances to the first World Test Championship final on Saturday in the third afternoon of the fourth final test with overwhelming innings and a 25-run victory. I ridiculed the confused British batting lineup again. ..

India only needed a draw to book Kane Williamson’s June Lord’s date with New Zealand, but Patel (24-6-) with Ashwin (22.5-4-47-5). 48-5) literally blew England away. Just like Anthony de Mello Trophy stays at the Cricket Center in Mumbai, he completes only 135 sessions with over 54.5 and a 3-1 rout in half.

It was the end of another two and a half days, but even the most partisan English experts like former skipper Michael Vaughn said that the 22-yard strip had little to do with the sneaky surrender on their side. I admit.

A good example could be India’s first inning score of 365 and lead of 160 on the same track, where England managed only a cumulative total of 340 runs in two innings.

The atrocious application and incredibly poor thinking while playing Spinner cost the British a lot during the last three tests.

The illusion of a winding road

This was one test match that created the illusion of a winding road for Indians, even before the ball was bowled. It was a trick to play with the hearts of teams that were already in the negative zone.

Ashwin had 31 scalps on his kitten, while Patel’s series tally stood out best for newcomers (27), so there weren’t many turns, but visitors. Was enough to ensure that the kitten wilted under pressure.

Many of the achievements of this victory should be given to the indomitable Reshab Pants, who played the Enforcer in the magnificent 100 on the second day, and Washington Sundal, who carved a deep 96.

These two knocks made England literally impossible to make a comeback, as a total of 365 looked like 650.

The advent of the era of pants as a true alternative to the iconic Mahendra Sindoni and the emergence of Washington as a powerful batting all-rounder are good signs for the team.

The strength of the Indian bench today is very scary, as Hanuma Bihari, who saved a spectacular test in Sydney just a few months ago, may not be able to play the test in the near future.

The world’s best wicket keeper, Urid Himansaha, will also find it difficult to add to the 38 tests unless the “Roorkee Rockstar” is injured.

Patel was a strong performer in the debut test series, but he also knows that once Ravindra Jadeya fits and becomes available, he will have to wait for the next test.

The story of Day 3 was similar to what was unfolded in most of the series.

Zak Crawley (5, 16 balls), Dom Sibley (3, 21 balls) and Johnny Bainesu (0, 1 balls) in England’s opening round had already hung their shoulders after being humiliated by Pants and Washington. At first it was like a “walking witchet”. Of the session after lunch.

Crawley, who made a normal strip look very difficult with his approach in this test match, was robbed by Ashwin in two deliveries.

At first a sharp off-break made him look defenseless, then a straight ball came and slipped into Azinca Rahane.

Bainesu closed the bat’s face and let Rohit Sharma catch the leg slip easily, so it didn’t bother the scorer.

Suddenly, the track that looked obedient in the first session seemed to be performing all sorts of tricks.

Sibley must have been affected by the two dismissals. He fired a whole blood sweep shot from Patel, bounced off the knees of the front short leg fielder Shubumangil, and his pants bounced to complete the procedure.

Joe Root (30) and Ben Stokes (two out of nine balls) expected two of England’s best players to take on the fight, but when the all-rounder went for a sweep shot from Patel. Could not measure the extra bounce.

Kori accepted the dolly on a leg slip as England’s resistance was blown off at 30 and 4.

Olly Pope (15) hit Ashwin six times, which was more desperate than Finesse. It was only a matter of time before he groped down when the pants were gathering, but managed to get 5 to 65.

An English skipper couldn’t help seeing a colleague ruining the batting of a test match, and Ashwin finally caught his number on his hind legs with another fastball.

The rest of the ticket gates for the session after the tea were just formal, which the spinner eventually completed.

The morning session belonged to Washington. In Washington, 96 of the 174 balls were as important as the second day of the pants in the final situation of the match.

Washington and Axor Patel (43 out of 97) added a valuable 106 run to the eighth wicket. This ended even the slightest chance for England to recover.

Cricket | India routs England with 1 inning and 25 runs in fourth test Cricket | India routs England with 1 inning and 25 runs in fourth test

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