Crimson Desert Gameplay Trailer to be unveiled at The Game Awards 2020

TThe next MMORPG by Pearl Abyss Crimson Desert will have a new trailer at Game Awards 2020.

Crimson Desert Gameplay Trailer to be unveiled at The Game Awards 2020

Pearl Abyss, the developer of the popular MMORPG Black Desert, unveils the first gameplay trailer for the open world fantasy MMORPG Crimson Desert. They have released a teaser trailer featuring the game logo symbol.

Pearl previously released a trailer for the Crimson Desert at the end of last year, showing off an open world match. Pearl Abyss is well known for its first MMO Black Desert. This is not a coincidence, both share the word “Desert”. Crimson seems to have once been set as part of the same flagship as the Black Desert in the same world. It used to be the origin of the Black Desert, but now it’s its own IP. Crimson comes with a whole new worldview, religion, and characters that are unique to the story.

From the previous trailer, Crimson Desert looks like a more traditional battle set in the medieval world. While set in a fantasy world with giants and other creatures, it doesn’t seem to cast magic, but it’s a battle led by close hand-to-hand combat. I hope you can find out more about when this title will be released.

To remind you of the previous trailer, you can see it below and check out some of the screenshots as well.

Crimson dessert Currently under development for consoles and PCs. Game Awards 2020 It will be live streamed in 4K from studios in Los Angeles, Tokyo and London on December 10, 2020. Watch the live stream via Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook Live, Steam and more at 3:30 pm Pacific Standard Time. You can also read about Candidates for The Game of the Year.

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