Crimson Desert gets gameplay trailer at TGA2020

PEarl Abyss shares a new gameplay trailer for the MMORPG Crimson Desert

Crimson Desert gets gameplay trailer at TGA2020

As promised, TGA will deliver another trailer for Crimson Desert. This is the next MMORPG by the same developer Pearl Abyss who worked for Black Desert. This trailer actually includes in-game footage, previewing some of the upcoming epic battles.

The trailer showed some very nice visuals of fantasy medieval MMOs, from villages to intricate looking churches in town. The region extends from snow-covered areas to deserts and shows major changes in climate. The trailer was unvoiced, but all featured very expressive and surprisingly detailed preview characters.

In combat, you’ll see melee attacks, ranged bows and arrows, and some impressive takedowns. The battle looks like a cross between Assassin’s Creed Valhara with the atmosphere of the Black Desert. This is noteworthy as it looks very promising from the beginning. It also includes some traverses, puzzles and powerful dragons.

Crimson dessert It will be released in the winter of 2021 for consoles and PCs.

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