Crimzon Clover-World EXplosion Review (Switch eShop)

Yotsubane Crimzon clover I have traveled quite a bit in the last 10 years. Homemade doujin software was distributed in 2010, received an arcade port in Japan in 2013, and a year later another version for Windows was distributed internationally.Now it’s back again The 2020 Nintendo Switch can only be described as a complete conversion and add-on mode.

Crimzon Clover-World Explosion A barrage shooter inspired by something like a cave DoDonPachi, Mushihimesama, EspRa. De., Ketsui And many others (some of these also receive recent ports to the switch). You can enjoy familiar play with 3 main ships with different speeds and weapon types (4th can be unlocked). However, the most important part of the arsenal, like Taito, is the lock-on attack. Raystorm And raise Blue Diver / Sogetsu Lotus..

If you hold down the lock-on button, a circular radar will surround the screen and target all enemies that have attacked. When you let go, it fires a barrage of missiles. However, there is a limit to the number of enemies you can target, so you can’t rampage. Not only is this effective in defeating swarms of enemies, but the number of enemies attacking temporarily increases the score multiplier and earns higher points.

When you shoot down an enemy, the break meter also increases, and when fully constructed, it becomes super powerful, destroying the enemy and turning into a wave of destruction that builds a score. The behavior of the bomb is a bit different from most shooters in that it doesn’t have a numbered stock, but if you’re trapped in a wall of bullets, a break meter to clear the screen and save the bacon. Can be sacrificed. You can also save this meter to perform a double break and boost your power to astronomical levels, at least until it’s gone. In addition to this, there is also a break rate multiplier that further increases the points. The basic scoring strategy involves keeping the multiplier high and learning enough levels to determine the best spot to use the break attack for maximum scoring.

Conceptually, this is the same course as any barrage shooter, but the lock-on attack is so powerful that Crimzon Clover feels different in most cases. These types of games can often be overwhelming because they throw so many projectiles at the player’s ship, but even if you can unleash the destruction that clears the screen on a regular basis, the odds are a bit more. I feel it. That said, it’s still a difficult game because you have to pay close attention to the shots of brightly colored enemies in all of the explosions and star medals.

Thankfully, designers are aware of the fact that shooting fans come in shape, size, and skill level, and include a beginner mode in addition to the standard arcade mode. In this mode, the number of bullets etc. is greatly reduced, so you can concentrate on scoring without being overwhelmed by enemy attacks. Earn a certain number of stars for additional life. In addition, when you defeat the boss, you can choose from a variety of bonuses, including 1-Up in beginner mode.

This mode isn’t easy yet, but it’s also something that an avid player can do 1CC with some practice. Both main modes have boost variations that change the difficulty based on the player’s performance, change the way the break attack works, and automatically trigger when the bar is full. However, in unlimited mode, the difficulty is even higher and you need to book for a hardcore expert who has learned the game inside out.

A new feature in this “World EXplosion” release is Arrange Mode.Among the various changes GradiusA style power-up that replaces the break meter. When you reach a certain point in the bar, you can cash them out and receive their power-ups, but since there is only one set of ship weapons, it includes speed-ups, shields, options, locks and more- Go to the additional target and activate the break. Unlimited variations of this mode are also wild. The shot negates the enemy’s bullets, so we’re completely focused on bullet cancellation. Of course, there is a flood of enemy fire to make up for it, so despite your increased defenses, it’s still incredibly difficult to deal with.

Crimzon Clover’s ship design is solid, if not ambitious. At first glance, it’s not much different from the DoDonPachi game, except for a slightly brighter color palette. Of the five stages, the level type is inspired by different games and is also familiar with shooting game veterinarians. For example, the third level is full of bugs and flowers. Sawedged perch Mushihimesama.

It doesn’t have much of a clear personality about it, as it sticks to the usual “laser spaceship” theme of many other shooters, but at the same time it lacks the cute girl that is sometimes used to attract a nerdy audience. I am. Of course, this is rarely an issue. In a real game, the explosions are so flooded that you don’t really notice.And although the story is certainly not Essential For shooters, the story here is very barren.Not even Actual ending Outside of score aggregation. Musically, there are two completely different soundtracks, both of which are pretty good. There are quite a few tracks, the original version of Unlimited comes in many variations, and there are also unique boss tracks.

As for the switch port, it works exactly like the Windows version, with no noticeable input delays. As expected, it has vertical support so you can use it with flip grips in portable mode to improve the accurate experience of your arcade. It has an online scoreboard (although replays are local only), no CRT-style scanline options, but bilinear and nearest neighbor scaling options.


Crimzon Clover owed a lot of debt to many arcade shooters in the 1990s and 2000s, but it’s clear that Yotsubane loves and understands them very much. Not only is it a homage (see the default highscore table for some familiar initials), but it stands out against most of his shooter companions, even though he hangs with the greats of the genre Brings enough mechanical shine. Flashy, exciting, addictive and an essential purchase for genre fans.

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