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Cristiano Ronaldo Has become accustomed to breaking scoring records one after another, but the latest milestones may be the most important in his career.

By scoring against Naples Win 2-0 At the Italian Super Cup on Wednesday, Ronaldo scored the 760th goal of his professional career, apparently passing a report reportedly achieved by Austrian-born Czech striker Josef Vican (759 *).

Reported on January 4th Ronaldo’s two goals against Udinese were arguably the best goal scorer ever to see him pass the legendary Brazilian Pele (757 *) and took him within the top one strike. It was. However, there remains uncertainty as to whether Ronaldo is truly the new and greatest record holder in history. And is the number of Pele actually 767? Or 1,283?

Ronaldo’s individual tabulations aren’t a problem, as all his goals are official and explained-most of them are televised or at least definitely cataloged.Portuguese forward scored 5 goals Sporting CP At the beginning of his professional career, 118 Manchester United, 450 real Madrid, 85 Juventus And give him 102 at the international level, a total of 760.

However, the individual aggregates * that belong to the other players at the top of the list are highly questionable. For example, the Football Association of the Czech Republic claims that Bican, a prolific legend of Slavia Prague in the 1930s and 1940s, actually scored a total of 821 goals between 1931 and 1955.

Due to the lack of reliable records and scarce information for that period, it is difficult to see exactly how many goals Bican has rattled during his active playing career.The Football Association of the Czech Republic figures have a much clearer ring than the somewhat vague tally “At least 805” listed by both FIFA And Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation (RSSSF)An online database of historical football statistics used as a general guide to some mainstream sports media, including ESPN.

Elsewhere Wikipedia list Bican scored a total of 823 career goals. This is an aggregate obtained by fusing information from Czech FA and RSSSF. Bican’s total is often quoted as 759 by various other broadcasters and media, but there seems to be no definitive source provided for that number. This only helps to emphasize the questionable nature of the statistics involved.

Why are the totals different?

As with Bican, the same problem always arises when discussing and analyzing the exact amount of goals Pele scored. Although the number of “official” goals won three times in the World Cup is recorded at 767 (see below for details), Pele’s exact number of goals remains controversial. Former Santos and New York Cosmos striker tabulations vary greatly depending on which source you consult and which goals are important.

Pele himself would have made us believe he scored a total of 1,283 goals.The· Brazil Legend has tweeted on January 6 that Lionel Messi and Ronaldo have changed Instagram’s biography to include “the greatest goal scorer of all time (1,283)” to “cover” his record. I denied it. My Instagram bio obscures these big stars that are breaking my record. Biotext has always been the same since I joined the platform. None of this diverts us from your incredible achievements. “

Meanwhile, FIFA and the South American Football Federation CONMEBOL say Pele’s career statistics have scored 1,281 goals in 1,363 games.

However, FIFA fixed that and generalized Pele’s aggregation simply as “more than 1,200 goals.” This is because both Pele’s personal tally and FIFA numbers include goals scored in youth matches, friendly matches and exhibition games. None of these are included in the total official goals of modern players.

To people In the Guinness World Records What is worrisome is that Pele’s total is 1,279 goals in 1,363 games, which is confirmed as a world record. The reason the count is two goals less than the FIFA count is that Pele refused to accept the two goals scored in Santos’ “special appearance” after officially ending play at the New York Cosmos in 1977.

RSSSF aggregation is quite different. Pele is stated to have scored 767 “official” goals in 831 matches, which will be raised to 1,284 goals in 1,375 matches when friendly matches are added to the mix. The latter count includes a small number of goals scored after his retirement in the miscellaneous “All-Star” and “Benefits” games between 1977 and 1990.

Given the nature of the data collected in the pre-digitization era, it is difficult to know which numbers are 100% reliable.

Why is Pele 767?

After examining the numbers, ESPN’s Stats & Information Group set a goal of 767 as the most accurate number for Pele’s official career totals. This is the number of “official” goals scored in Santos (643) and New York Cosmos (37) in national league and cup tournaments and continental tournaments, plus 77 points scored domestically, which is the goal being contested. Remove. Included in youth, amateurs and other sources of non-competitive level. However, there are still 10 more.

RSSSF totals include one goal scored in three “military team” appearances (Doesn’t it make sense in the 1981 movie “Escape to Victory”?) And he achieved 9 goals in 13 games of “Sao Paulo Selection” from 1959 to 1962. All he was playing in Santos. Also, given the level of detail in RSSSF’s research, ESPN’s Stats & Information Group uses it as a guide to Pele’s career totals, acknowledging that these numbers remain unconfirmed.


RSSSF credit source Barcelona Flamengo striker Romario has 772 “official” goals, but other sources say 743.

The man himself is famous for his pride in scoring a “personal sum” of over 1,000 goals in his career. He hired a research team to count his distance back and earned what he believed to be “1,000th” from the penalty spot while playing for the 41-year-old Vasco da Gama in 2007.

The goal was scored in the 48th minute and the game resumed 20 minutes later. The celebration at San Januario Stadium was when delighted fans rushed to the pitch to hug and congratulate their heroes. Romario was then presented with a specially customized shirt by Basco Club President Euricomiranda (his name and number 1,000 on his back) to complete the honorary lap before the game finally resumed. It’s done.

“It’s a great pleasure to reach this goal, which is controlled by only one other player,” he said at the time, referring to Pele.

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Unfortunately, despite all the glitz and romance, Romario’s sum is an official point of view, mainly because his researchers counted goals scored in junior matches, friendly and various other informal and exhibition matches. There is still a lot of controversy from. It didn’t stop FIFA from celebrating reaching the Romario milestone, With exactly the same breath, despite refusing to admit at least 98 goals Brazilians were included in his total.

Generally speaking, Romario is believed to have scored 745 “official” goals in a fully competitive game-a little less than his own number. Still, tell the Brazilians that Pele (and Romario) haven’t scored 1,000 goals.

Regardless of the exact number involved, the respect, love and respect Pele receives from Brazilian and subsequent football fans is indisputable. They called him “O Ray“(” King “), and that’s exactly how it always stays. The man won three World Cups-14 goals in the finals- Selekao, After all.

At the age of 29 in 1969, Pele won what many consider to be the 1,000th goal of his career. This came from a penalty spot when playing Vasco da Gama in Santos. Rio de Janeiro’s famous Maracana stadium. Discuss”O Millesimo“(” Thousand “) In an interview with ESPN last year, Pele described the goal as a” gift from God, “but also admitted that he wanted the milestone strike to be more spectacular.

“When it comes to penalties, if I can choose, I’d better come from volleys and beautiful headers in a better way,” he said. “But it’s often harder to score a penalty than a normal goal. I know what I’ve experienced. My legs were shaking. The whole Maracana was asking me to score, so” What? That’s something you can’t miss. ” !! ‘Many people say it’s a penalty, but it was the most difficult goal for me. “

It may sound strange, but Pele wasn’t really Santos’s usual penalty kick. If he was taking a potshot from 12 yards, imagine how many goals he scored during his career.


It’s clear that you may not know exactly when Cristiano Ronaldo will be the best goal scorer ever, or if he has already done so. Old records are so unreliable that trying to fully ratify historical goals is almost a waste of work.

But as a modern football fan, you can put your stake in the irrefutable fact that you’re given the opportunity to see one of the greatest goal scorers of all time, at least every week.

It’s a rare and precious honor, something we should cherish while we can. As soon as Ronaldo reaches 768, or 822, or 1,284, the debate becomes lively again.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Are you the highest scorer in football history? Or is it Pele? Josef Bikan?You may not know for sure Cristiano Ronaldo Are you the highest scorer in football history? Or is it Pele? Josef Bikan?You may not know for sure

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