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Bless the soul of Sheldon Kief. He gave us a unique opportunity to start reacting to the Reefs line before hitting the ice tomorrow. Of course, he didn’t give us a combination of defenses, so he wanted us a bit, but we have a big one to analyze early on.

So, let’s look at these line by line, but Joe Thornton on the left in the first line deserves special recognition. After weeks of thinking about whether Thornton would be the fourth line center or a 3C position from Alexander Carfoot, it turned out that Sheldon Cooper had his lineup card in his galaxy all the time. It was. There are some interesting combinations.

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The four players that James Myrtle looks out and lists as being outside look like a lock in the taxi corps ahead, and in some cases the roster has been scratched. The other three players are exempt, so Boyd may create a roster for that group.

It is also worth noting that Reefs is considering an 11F / 7D lineup. This raises some questions about the fourth line as well.

Well, to criticize the line.


Assuming that Austin Matthews still has something to learn, I think he has an ideal tutor with Joe Thornton’s Riding Shotgun. Also, assuming Mitch Manner is serious about shooting more, this line has given him the means to set it up, but it doesn’t interfere with the pending Cy Young Awards for Orston Matthews. I think.

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Losing Heyman and favoring a slow winger, his speedy puck recovery may not be ideal. Thornton is defensively responsible, but his lack of foot speed compared to Heimann may present some challenges at the end of the Reefs, which is designed to play there. It is not a line that has been made.

Combining this grouping with the fact that you see a lot of time with Lily and Brody, it’s designed to circulate the puck until your opponent is exhausted and Matthews can snap the puck to the net. It looks like a line. I know if that works, but in theory this line looks so much fun and definitely dad takes the kids to skate.


The same is true for Tavares and Nilander, just as the Matthews and Manner pair remains intact. The addition of Vesey is interesting, and some have already said that this could be a placeholding role to see if Nick Robertson is ready to step up. If Vessie continues the season, he will undoubtedly have a difficult fight with both Robertson and Amirov coming for his work next season.

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Vesey said he needed to be more aggressive in his play, and it’s great to see it. Sure, I’m a little surprised that Heyman isn’t playing with Nilander and Tavares, because it makes sense, but given Tavares’ ability to get the most out of New York’s suspicious linemates, this is He can help Jimmy BG reach the potential he was advertised.

Mikey F-Carfoot-Highman

In this case, Mikeyev and Carfoot are unscathed duos, but they aren’t beginners and receive Zack Heiman on a line that seems to exist to accomplish three things.

  1. Serves as a shutdown line against top competition
  2. Create an exhausted forecheck that tires the defender
  3. If one of the top six forwards gets injured or has poor performance, it offers three best options for replacing the injury.

One of my biggest concerns going to the camp was that Mikeyev would be in the top six, even though he didn’t look particularly competent in that role when he returned in the summer. His best hockey is played on the wings of Carfoot and it’s great to play with his linemates who bring out the best of them.

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As for Heyman, this is still a true approach that has been tried and errored after seeing what Reefs has to Bessie, Robertson, and perhaps others with Tavares at the beginning of the training camp and season. I think it’s back to.


This looks like a bit of a catch-all line, but it could have some protected scoring abilities. Currently, these are the players most likely to be NHL locks, Barabanov is exempt, and may be platooning with a taxi team. Due to the fact that Reefs are likely to only go 11 forwards, one of these guys is hanging in the press box anyway.

However, Simmons and Spezza can be a consistent combination. Both can spend a lot of time on the lineup, and while Simmons is mostly a lineup of card locks, Spezza may see strange scratches.

Barabanov is an exciting unknown. He is a talented forechecker, with aggressive abilities, and can grow his lineup by quickly adapting to North American games. Well, if he doesn’t adapt too soon, Robertson or Anderson will do his job in a short order.

Other people

Well, Robertson is essentially the guy we are focusing on here. It’s perfectly possible to see him slot in any of the four lines, depending on whether he develops any chemistry in the camp with the duo or claims to be better than the competition. is. The fact that he starts playing around either Engvall, Brooks, or Boyd will make it a difficult fight, but it should probably be.

Same as above for Joey Anderson, who is being billed as the next Zack Highman. Given that Reefs needs an aggressive forechecker, I have to think he will be a player who will surprise and win many supporters in the coming weeks.

Rather than classify the entire forward group, wrap with a void as the last player to note. He looks like a weird guy and could potentially be exempt, but Reefs signed him, signed him early in the free agent, and Dubas and Keef for him. There may be a specific role in mind.

Given that there isn’t one player on the camp ice yet, we need to see how all of these pan out, and it’s no exaggeration to say that none of these are carved into the stone. .. The abbreviated nature of training camps can mean that the kief wants to commit to these lines as much as possible, but if they aren’t working, you’ll find them changing rapidly. I will. When I returned to play in the summer, there was little movement in the line combinations. So far, I think that’s what Sheldon Cooper is coaching.

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Criticize the Reefs line before hitting the ice – The Leafs Nation Criticize the Reefs line before hitting the ice – The Leafs Nation

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