Crossword Pie Review-I don’t understand the ingredients correctly

Crossword Pie wants to make crosswords more fun and relevant, like Candy Crush games. It adds some twists, some boosts, some special moves, but in the end it’s still just putting text in the grid space. That’s not a bad thing, but the game isn’t the leap that it thinks it is.

The puzzles here cover general knowledge, such as bridging the gap between capitals, collective nouns, and famous phrases. If you answer correctly, the game will automatically advance to the next question, but you can also tap to select different difficult questions.

Each crossword is a small level of its own. Once you’ve done that, you’ll unlock the following: So if you get stuck, you need to understand the stuck puzzle before moving on to the next step.

Unlocking power-ups provide a variety of help. Some reveal the complete word, while others explode and place a lot of letters. Some will drop during play, while others will be selected before you start. For example, the first or last letter of every word is displayed.

They mainly help you give you some additional information or fill in the words that are giving you sorrow when you are stuck. You get a limited amount of them, and if you run out you will need to buy more in in-game currency.

Everything raises the question-who is this game for? Here’s the basic mechanics of a crossword game. Power-ups change things a bit, but it’s not enough to change the fact that you’re running a crossword. Level-based systems also mean that crossword fans are more likely to play something a little more traditional.

Crossword pies are an interesting attempt to do something else, but in the end it feels like hedging bets. It’s not novel enough to appeal to the game more broadly, and it’s too much to appeal to traditionalists. It’s still funny, don’t get me wrong, it just misses the mark of taking the Crusaders to another place.

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Crossword Pie Review – Doesn’t Quite Get the Ingredients Right

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