Crusader Kings III is very interested in writing poetry

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screenshot: Paradox

Crusader Kings III There has always been poetry — some romance paths may even adjust their quality depending on the skill of your tracker — but the game is about to begin All in On top of that, you can even add it as a character trait and create a generator that writes your ruler’s thoughts for you.

The next 1.3 patch of the game adds some new features, such as the more cruel and influential winter (at least in certain areas), but this poetic one really caught my heart. .. With the characteristics of a “poet” as a ruler, you can choose a theme (romance, heritage, conflict, etc.) before getting informed to create your own literary masterpiece. Supplied to the poetry machine:

Once you know the theme and subject (if any), you can feed it into a custom localization function that randomizes the caplet. Currently, each theme has both intro and outro functionality and title generation, which can generate 2 to 4 line lengths and title dits, but we would like to extend these in the future.

The result is pretty good! Here are some examples provided by Paradox:

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