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Cryptographic hamster Gox has increased by more than 16% since June

Crypto trading hamsters from Germany with his own Youtube channel outperforms profits from S & P500

The hamster, named Goxx, has been trading cryptocurrencies since June, probably after the currently non-functional crypto exchange Mt. Gox. 16.62% increase was seen As of Monday. The S & P 500 rose about 4% over the same period.

Goxx has outperformed Bitcoin since June

And dogecoin
Almost the same profit as Ethereum was seen

You may be wondering, how do hamsters trade crypto?

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Goxx owners set the hamster wheel to spin some cryptocurrencies during the spin and stop at one when Goxx exits the wheel. This is called an “intention wheel”.

After the cipher is selected, Goxx can go through a “buy” or “sell” decision tunnel in the cage.according to Twitch account Stream Goxx’s transactions and his selections will be sent to the actual trading platform.

The Goxx office looks like this:

Goxx Twitter

account He announces many, if not all, of his crypto transactions and ends each tweet with a disclaimer that advises people not to accept the transaction as financial advice.

Goxx only trades cryptocurrencies, not individual stocks or ETFs.

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It is not uncommon to see domesticated animals doing stock picks.

A cat named Orlando is famous for surpassing a group of financial industry professionals who choose stocks in 2012, earned by Russian chimpanzee Rusha. 94% of Russian bankers over a three-year investment period In 2010.

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The author, Burton Malkiel, states in his classic book: Randomly walk on Wall Street, that “Blindfolded monkey throwing darts The newspaper’s finance page allows you to choose a portfolio that works the same as a carefully selected portfolio by an expert. “

Such success by animals randomly selecting stocks, and in the case of Goxx, cryptocurrencies show how volatile and difficult financial investment is.

It is important to conduct a survey before making an economic decision. MarketWatch “How to invest“Series.

Cryptographic hamster Gox has increased by more than 16% since June Cryptographic hamster Gox has increased by more than 16% since June

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