Crysis Remastered Update 1.6 Patch Note-Switch bug fixes and docked resolution boosts

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Crytek posted a patch note for the latest update on Reddit Crysis remaster With a switch.

This is an old list of tweaks, reproduced below, but crash fixes and crushed bugs are always welcome, but perhaps the most interesting feature of this update is the improvements at the top of the list. is.

The game utilizes a dynamic solution that reduces the output resolution of the game to maintain a stable frame rate when the on-screen actions are busy. Update 1.6 will output the switch to the TV in docking mode. Neatly!

Check out the complete list of patch notes in the list below (prepare your finger to scroll).

-Added parallax occlusion mapping (POM).
-Added “Motion Blur” toggle option to the graphic settings menu.
-Maximum dynamic resolution in docking mode has been increased from 720p to 900p.
-Improved performance.

Bug fixes
Fixed a crash that could occur in the Relic-Rescue graveyard.
-Fixed a crash that could occur in the jungle area of ​​Recovery-Village.
General Kyon’s Awakening-Fixed an issue with lights flickering in mine cutscenes.
-Fixed the problem that many textures became black depending on the position of the camera.
Fixed some missing audio lines in various cutscenes.
Fixed a crash that could occur after the island’s “boatcutscene”-contacts.
Fixed a crash that could occur during a battle with Ceph after getting MOAC on Ice-Paradise Lost.
Fixed a crash that could occur when reaching a checkpoint after picking up a TAC-Cannon with Reckoning-Fleet.
Fixed a crash that could occur during combat in Exodus-Sphere’s first camp.
-Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting the main menu.
· Recovery-Fixed some missing vegetation elements in the village.
-Fixed the problem that the face of some characters was distorted.
Fixed an issue where Ceph Scouts wouldn’t move or shoot players.
-Fixed a crash that could occur on Contact-Island.
Fixed an issue where some underwater objects were missing in Contact-Island.
Fixed an issue where Awakening-Mine would turn off the house light depending on the camera angle.
・ I have skin on a living naked Ceph.
Fixed an issue that caused noticeable lighting changes during the first cutscene of Paradise Lost-Ice.
Fixed an issue where graphic artifacts would appear on the screen after General Kyon teleported.
Fixed an issue where bullet holes would appear in car windows without glass.
Fixed some dark flicker effects that were noticeable in one of the Assault Harbor buildings.
Fixed an issue where the wheel LoD would change as the player approached.
Awakening-Fixed an issue where some light sources persisted after being destroyed in a mine.
Fixed an issue where smoke would “blink” in Reckoning-Fleet.
-Fixed some vegetation missing in Rescue-Relic.
-Fixed the flickering line displayed on the loading screen.
Fixed a missing explosive vehicle in Paradise Lost-Ice.
-Fixed an issue where the machine gun would break when aiming at Exodus-Sphere.
Fixed a performance drop that could occur during a shootout at Assault Harbor.
Fixed a short stall that could occur when sitting in the Armory on Reckoning-Fleet chair.
Fixed an issue where the turret explosion could not be seen when aiming at the Reckoning-Fleet scope.
-Recovery-Fixed a crash that occurred during a shootout at a village KPA checkpoint.
Fixed an issue where scorch marks would flicker on Exodus-Sphere.
Fixed an issue where Nano Korean soldiers would stop aiming at players during cutscenes.
Fixed an explosive VFX that was missing in the Awakening-Mine cutscene.
Fixed some minor RU localization issues.
Fixed an issue where level names would disappear from the loading screen.
Fixed an issue where Strickland’s audio lines would play in Spanish instead of English (EN) at the end of Onslaught.
Fixed an issue where aiming assist interfered with the aiming of the gyroscope, making it much less reliable than intended.
Fixed an issue where dome spheres would be rendered in front of the Reckoning Fleet fog.

It’s great to see the game’s Switchport getting the attention it deserves. We enjoyed the time with it (in fact, it made a list of the best shooters on the Switch), but there’s always room for improvement.

How did you find the game on Switch? Looking forward to testing the above fixes and improvements? Please let us know below.

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