CS: GO artist creates gun skin based on Hindu mythology

CS: How often can you get a glimpse of the culture and myths that are beautifully expressed through the skins of weapons and other cosmetics in GO? Now, this talented artist passing through Monica on Apel on Steam has created an entire collection of Hindu mythologically themed weapons. At first glance, these skins are enough to knock the socks off your feet.

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CS: GO artist creates a gun skin with the theme of Hindu mythology

A collection of gun skins named “Hindu Collection” includes weapon skins such as MAG-7, USP-S, and AWP. And MP5-SD. Each weapon has the theme of one mythical character, with a unique ancient styling that makes it feel rustic, old and authentic.

Each weapon is engraved with its own name somewhere on its body, but written in Hindi, a subtle addition to the skin collection that makes it more attractive. Let’s take a quick look at each of the above weapons.

MAG-7: Narasimha

The MAG-7 is a very popular gun and it doesn’t always follow the team’s strategy, but it always works like a charm when collecting some style points. Based on a lion in the upper half and a human Hindu mythical character in the lower half, a powerful short-range weapon creates a skin that is a great depiction of a powerful character showing research done by its creators earlier.

USP-S: Ganesha

A common name in Ganesha, India, is the perfect mythical character of the silent pistol, the most popular secondary weapon in the game when playing on the CT side. This once again shows how perfectly the creator chose each character for all weapons.

The body of the weapon shows the body of a mythical character, but the beauty of the weapon lies in the highly detailed silencer covered with some design features that give it a very ethnic touch typical of the Indian region. ..

AWP: Shiva

The game’s strongest weapon, the bolt-action rifle, is dedicated to Shiva, also known as the “destroyer.” This skin has recently been discussed within Reddit’s CS: GO community and seems to have been of real interest.

The body of the weapon gives a glimpse of mythical characters, and the scope and tail end of the weapon complement this main design very well. Synonymous with Shiva and providing the barrel with some great subtle details, the author could also implement some snakes in the skin design.

MP5-SD: Agni

Following a red-colored theme similar to “Agni,” which translates directly into “fire” in English, the devilish-looking MP5 has won numerous awards since its release due to its attractive design and aesthetically pleasing features. It is the most sought after weapon in the skin collection that has collected.

The face of the mythical character can be seen spewing fire from the mouth of the body as the flames create a brilliant design on the large part of the submachine gun and converge on a cylindrical barrel with a minimalist golden design finish. I can do it.

Apel did a great job with the collection of Hindu mythical gun skins and chose a character that very well represented all weapons, while completely justifying the ethnic yet attractive design features. did. This is not the only collection of myths created by the artist, as he also created the “Ancient Greek Collection” and the “Egyptian Collection”. Both are really good.

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