CS: GO Operation Broken Fang is now live

Valve smiles at the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community because the studio is unmotivated on an irregular basis. The Operation Broken Fang has been unveiled with new maps, new modes and, of course, premium bonuses for anyone who wants to buy an Operation Pass. As always, the developers dropped updates without a lot of accumulation – but hey, CS: GO players are still counted, who can blame them?

Ancient is a brand new and competitive map created for Defusal. Set in the ruins of a South American temple, there are plenty of places for jungle flavors and close quarters battles and long-range encounters. There are also five new community maps, from space-themed Apollo locations to Engage car dealerships.

The update also introduces a customizable chat wheel that can generate contextual pings and provide callouts in chats such as finding enemies. There is also a new mode. In this mode, select a loadout card at the beginning of each round and use your hand dealt to acquire or defend the bomb site.

The Premium Operation Pass gives you access to Premier Mode with 5v5 competitive matchmaking featuring map selection and prohibition. You can also get detailed stats tracking, such as a heatmap to measure statistics in every corner of the map and a percentage of the breakdown of where the bullets landed.

Operation Broken Fang will continue until April 30, 2021. Full details of all new ones are available on the official website. We also know where to click for more information on FPS games.

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