CSGO fans are calling for a “caster curse” to bring big game updates to life

Visit the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update page on the FPS game site and you’ll see that major patches and gameplay tweaks have been made in small increments lately. The CS: GO community seems to be waiting for a big update in the game. Soon, I decided to use a new approach to achieve this by calling the “Curse of Caster”.

User Night_Not_Day posted in the multiplayer game subreddit: “Nothing is as powerful as the caster’s curse. As part of CS: GO Intel Extreme Masters’ call to casters, he states that the game won’t get big updates on the air right away. Behind this idea. One reason is, “If you assume something about the caster, in most cases the opposite will happen. This is well known and widely accepted. fact”, Users make jokes in posts. “If they say [there won’t be an update soon] It’s almost certain that the update will be coming soon. “

This has received some attention in the community, as users have reflected in their posts, and so far the phone has been quite successful. As shown below, casters Alex Richardson and Chad Burchill participated in yesterday’s IEM stream and made these powerful words.

“Great power comes with great responsibility,” Richardson joked in a live stream, quoting a Reddit post. “So when we say we’re definitely not getting updates, I think I can talk for everyone here, right?” Berchill said Richardson, “It’s not a big day on Tuesday. Before joking, “CS: GO updates are not likely to be available immediately,” he replies with the wording of the post. A powerful one.

Powerful CS: It’s unclear if the GO Overlord will hear the community cry and offer a big game update soon, but for those who want to see it, the “Curse of the Caster” is that. I want to work.

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