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Hello everyone,

AGX ….. Nothing basic in advance
Only considered in this analysis …..
The technical tools used here …. :)

In the AGX chart below, you can see that:
2904 Range from 2004 highs
The current low is about 84.5
If the current minimum of 18.5 is maintained
Expected retracement targets
It will be about 60.5 cents.

Click here for a zoomed out AGX chart …. :)

As mentioned above, retesting may be expected
Current lows, around 0105 2006, some
Two years have passed since the 2004 high.

Weak in the last 4 trading days
The double bottom is shown with a hammer
Candles formed last Friday.


It should be noted that there is likely to be
Some fundamental negativity of AGX, it
Must be dissipated late May 6th
I’ll be back for a month in December 2006.

During these periods, the good news is
Receives a muted response, but
Negative news may see overreaction
On the downside, as we have seen
0902 AGX’s highest price of 37 cents since 2006.

Now let’s take a look at the future time cycle of AGX.

03042006 ….. Minor … (Finance?)

07-10042006 ….. Low price here ??

14042006 ….. Negative News-Does it look big?

17042006 ….. minor

01052006 ….. Around the 2nd anniversary, test the low price again
2004 highs ….. ???

03052006 ….. Minor news?

17-19052006 ….. here and two important cycles
Positive spotlight on AGX

26-29052006 ….. Here are two minor cycles and a positive cycle,
Can it cause a short, aggressive rally?

01-02062006 ….. Negative news here ???

19062006 ….. AGX Negative Spotlight

21-23062006 ….. June 2006 Click here for Solstice and 2 Cycle
May bring positive news (financial ???)

In late July, August and September 2006,
Long-term changes introduced in AGX.
We will keep the AGX in the spotlight throughout September 2006.


Happy deal



CT1-Constellation Technology | Australian Equity Forum CT1-Constellation Technology | Australian Equity Forum

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