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Cubs to grab the outlook Miguel Amaya According to, Tommy John surgery is expected to be needed Jordan Bastian on Bastian says the team believes the surgery is “imminent.” Athletic Patrick Mooney Amaya adds, “I have had Tommy John’s surgery and will start a rehab program next month.”

This is disappointing news for the Cubs, as Amaya is one of the leading candidates for the organization, regardless of when the surgery will eventually take place. FanGraphs, Baseball America, and MLB Pipeline are all 22 years old in the top eight on their respective lists of Cubs prospects, and MLB Pipeline is ranked fourth in the organization.

Amaya has been added to the team’s list of 40 people Two years ago, To protect him from the Rule 5 draft of the year. At the time, he only climbed to High A, but despite his distance from the majors, the club was fully happy about his future and was able to give him a roster. Panamas often perform well to control the game they are running and because of their patient approach as a batter. In 2019, his 13.2% walk rate and 16.8% strikeout rate both refer to batters with competent eyes and a mature approach. The pandemic has wiped out the 2020 minor league season, but Amaya seems to continue the course in 2021. In the 23 double A games, his strikeout rate rose a bit, but his walking rate jumped to an incredible 19.8%. At 20.8%. His batting average was .215 and he had only one home run, but his wRC + was 117. The last time I played was June 3rd, when I had a forearm tension that led to my next surgery. Unfortunately for Amaya, he will stall his progress until he can return to good health.

The Cubs need to decide how to handle the situation in the 2022 Amaya roster, given that Amaya is likely to play less. He has already run out of two of the three option years. This means that if he remains on the minor league injured list the following year, he will have no options. Alternatively, they can remember Amaya and put him in Major League Baseball IL. It will allow the club to retain the options available in 2023, but Amaya is entitled to Major League Baseball payments and service hours as long as he is in IL. (Of course, unless the rules change in the next CBA.)

Turnip is set to have Willson Contreras Behind the scenes of 2022 cooking, it will be the last season of his team control. He and Amaya are the only two catchers currently on the team’s 40 roster.They will peruse as they look to the free agent market to find Contreras backups class With very limited options.

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Cubs are expected to undergo Tommy John surgery Miguel Amaya Cubs are expected to undergo Tommy John surgery Miguel Amaya

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