Cuphead’s delicious last course DLC was delayed in 2021

Developer Studio MDHR has announced the long-developed Delicious Last Course DLC for nail-hard platformers. Cuphead Due to the challenges faced during the ongoing pandemic, we have no plans to make the intended release this year.

In a statement posted to Studio MDHR’s Twitter account, co-founders Chad and Jared Moldenhauer said, “In the true Studio MDHR way, we’re not happy that this final chapter isn’t doing the best job. Through development, we challenged ourselves to put everything we learned from making Cuphead For the quality of animation, design and music of The Delicious Last Course. “

“It was very difficult for us to meet this standard in a pandemic that affected many fellow developers,” they continued. “Rather than compromising our vision for COVID, we made the difficult decision to postpone the release of The Delicious Last Course until we were confident that the Cuphead community would be happy in the way it should be.

Cuphead: Delicious Last Course Originally wanted to be released in 2019, it was postponed to 2020 before this latest setback after it was first announced three years ago in the summer, but of course its parent game. Cuphead Also, after a fairly long gestation period, it was revealed all the time in 2014 before it appeared in 2017, sold 5 million copies by the second anniversary, even received orders for the Netflix series, and became a big hit.

Hopefully it’s a good sign when it’s worth the wait Cuphead: Delicious Last Course It will land (hopefully) in 2021.

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