Cuphead’s delicious last course DLC was delayed indefinitely

After being postponed once before in June 2019, developer Studio MDHR has postponed the release date of Cuphead’s The Delicious Last Course DLC indefinitely.

The studio did not provide a new release date or window for the last DLC of the action platformer. Studio MDHR cited an ongoing coronavirus pandemic as the cause of the delay.

“Through development, we challenged to incorporate everything we learned from creating Cuphead into the animation, design, and music quality of The Delicious Last Course,” Studio MDHR wrote on Twitter. “In a pandemic affecting many fellow developers, it was very difficult for us to meet this standard. Instead of compromising our vision for COVID, The Delicious We made the difficult decision to postpone the release of. The final course is until we are confident that we will please the Cuphead community as we wish. “

The last delicious course was announced at the Xbox E3 2018 press conference. Studio MDHR shared a trailer revealing an all-new playable character with additional bosses. The DLC was originally planned to go on sale in 2019, but was pushed to 2020 in June last year.

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