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Last time Curtis Blaydes While in the Octagon, he landed a whopping 14 takedowns on his way to the five-round verdict. Alexander Volkov At the ESPN 11 Headliner UFC in June of this year.

Consider Volkov’s latest performance against Alistair OvereemThe victory is even more impressive when you think about it later.But UFC President Dana White
Did not seem to be grateful
Blaze raised his hand, especially because the heavyweight candidate was a little tired.

“He won. He talked a lot — he won’t come this week,” White said at a post-war press conference. “I don’t think I can talk like he talked about this week and play that way. I’m talking about the ragdoll people and I’m not paid. No. He needs to get a title shot. Yes, he gassed at the end of the third round, reached the fifth round and won the fight. Yes, he won. “

When he heads for saturday
UFC Fight Night 185
Main event for Derrick Lewis, Blaze is on the verge of winning four games in a row.And except for two KO defeats by hand
Francis Ngannou, He was predominantly dominant in most of his Octagon appearances. Still, he’s a little confused by last year’s criticism from White.

“I defeated Alexander Volkov. It’s a legitimate victory. I don’t care how you do it,” Blaze said. ESPN.. “Don’t be rude about how the victory happened. That’s one of the things I don’t understand. Why are you really legal and can be your future champion? Do you beat the fighters? You can hate me. You can hate my wrestling. I can’t deny that I’m on the road to becoming a champion. Why Do you beat me? I don’t know. “

Blaze also revealed that he had never had a personal conversation with White. So far, their interactions are limited at best.

“I haven’t actually talked to Dana. Not directly … I don’t think he’s following me [Instagram].. I know he doesn’t have my phone number, “Blaze said. “I was surprised that he screamed even after the fight. I didn’t think he knew who I was at that time.

“Of course you want to be cool with your boss, but I also understand that he likes those who give some highlights. You need to add more highlights to your resume. Yes, I might drink 1-2 cups a day. “

To be fair, Blaze owns the finishes of: Junior Dos Santos, Shamil Abdulakimov, Overeem Alexei Oleinik During his promotion. That doesn’t mean he’ll be in a fight against Lewis on Saturday and just curry his favor with promotional brass. Too often at stake to deviate from the winning formula.

“If I win in exactly the same way, I’ll be fine. What to guess, it’s another win, it’s a win bonus,” he said. “I don’t know if many people care, but I have a family. I’m trying to feed my family. I don’t care if I want them to stand at risk with a $ 100,000 victory bonus. I won’t bang with a guy who is terrible wrestling. I’m not going to do that. Unless you defend all takedown attempts, I’m not going to stop trying to wrestle with you No. You need to discourage me, and I don’t think Derrick is going to discourage me. ”

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Curtis Blaydes does not change combat style, reveals that he has never been told to Dana White Curtis Blaydes does not change combat style, reveals that he has never been told to Dana White

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