Custom-made Etika Joy-Con, which raised $ 10,000 for charity fel, goes against piracy allegations, reveals creators

Artist and content creator after the tragic death of the popular YouTuber Desmond “Etika” Amofah last year CptnAlex Manufactures a variety of customized shells and other items related to Nintendo – to manufacture “Etikon” to raise funds for the JED Foundation, a mental health and suicide prevention charity. Decided.

The first crowdfunding campaign to create a controller failed, but CptnAlex ran a second smaller campaign.The campaign raised $ 10,000 for charity, but Cptn Alex recently Verified Following a cease and desist from Nintendo issued at the end of September 2019, he had to stop selling special controllers (thanks, VGC).

The problem wasn’t that Alex was selling a modified controller. It was related to the fact that the device used the Joy-Con name, which is Nintendo’s copyright. “Nintendo didn’t shut down my business altogether,” Cptn Alex told fans on Twitter. “They have me remove some designs and change most of them. Controller changes aren’t a problem, copyright usage is a problem.”

Before Nintendo took action, about 300 special controller shells were sold via the crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo, and an additional 200 were sold on Etsy. These 200 units eventually had to be dumped in the trash.

The news is expected to gain a hostile reputation on social networks, and Nintendo’s rigorous legal position is that, in this particular case, some of its biggest fans are positive, such as raising money for charity. He complains that he is preventing him from doing so. Immediately after it was confirmed that the Big House event had been canceled due to a cease and desist from Nintendo, the COVID-19 pandemic continued, forcing us to move to online settings this year, but the shock was shocking. Almost none. This latest revelation is terribly down.

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