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Customer container spot rate easing continues in November

Suffern, NY, November 4, 2021 — The relief received by some shippers due to the decline in the container spot rate markets in China and the United States during the first week of October 2021 appears to continue until November 2021.

According to Shabsie Levy, CEO and founder of a digital freight company Shifl, “”Spot market fares will fall until November 2021 as holiday shopping appears to be flooded and already ordered items are placed in thousands of containers on many ships across the United States. it continues.

Shifl previously saw container spot freight drops sharply in October 2021 and freight rates for 40-foot containers from China to Los Angeles jumped from $ 17,500 to $ 8,500, up 51.4% compared to September 2021. It was attracting the attention of the market that it went down. ..

According to Shifl data, the November 2021 container spot rate on the China-US East Coast route is down 29% from $ 19,500 in September 2021 to about $ 13,800 per container in November.

China-US East Coast Fees November 2021-Shifl-Shipping and Freight Resources

“”Visualize a slight rise in interest rates just before Chinese New Year based on current market conditions“Shabsie Levy said.

“”We are confident that we will see rates on a stable downward trajectory after Chinese New Year, when we are traditionally heading for a quiet moon“Levy added.

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Customer container spot rate easing continues in November Customer container spot rate easing continues in November

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