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Tommy Dreamer welcomed CW Anderson to the “House of Hardcore” podcast this week. Anderson and Dreamer shared their daily stories at ECW, including behind-the-scenes pranks and crazy things happening in front of the camera.

Here are some highlights:

CW Anderson talked about being at the power plant: “We weren’t even allowed to go to the locker room when they were filming for Thunder and Nitro. If the kids at the power plant were there, Doug Dillinger kicked us out. He would say, “I don’t care who you are.” They didn’t let us in the back. I broke the camel’s back when I was there for about a year. Paul Orndorff and JJ Dillon came to school to see what talent they had because they didn’t know. There were about 30 people there. They paired everyone up into the match and saw what talent they had. Paired with my friend Toad. We matched very well with where the boys were popping out. When Brad Armstrong was there and we were done, he said it was from some ECW right there. Paul Orndorff and JJ Dillon came to me and said I hadn’t seen much. My wrestling was fine, but they didn’t have what they were looking for, so they thought they couldn’t offer anything at WCW. It was very disappointing. Shortly thereafter, Toad tried it on ECW. “

Tommy Dreamer said he refused to work at the All Japan Dojo early in his career. “I couldn’t. I was young and thankfully the ECW took off. It hit me at another time. I couldn’t get into the whole” pay membership “process and got another guy’s ass I couldn’t wipe or clean the guy. I couldn’t do that. For me, I remember there were veterans, the young boy bowed, and the veterans walked and struck their ears for no reason. I’m sorry, hey. You hit my ears, and I’m fighting you. It’s not a contempt. However, it cannot be dealt with. “

Anderson talked about the night New jack Stapled his d ** k head: “I and Jack were really close. He was wrestling with me. Everyone at ECW knew how much he hated Vic Grimes. The night before he wrestled with Vic Grimes. , Always “shot” real staples for Vic. Well, he told me we were going to do that place with a staple gun, and I saw him open it and take out the staples. He puts it back.I go out and wrestle Crow.. He will come out. When he puts me on the spot, instead of staple my head, he gets interesting and puts it on my d ** k’s head. Well, there was a staple behind it coming out. My life blinked in front of me when he bumped into the plunger and it came out. It was this pain, it was one and a half inches of those pains, it was sticking out of my d ** k and I was screaming. I was suffering very much. Jack was still dancing and I heard him say, “Wake up CW.” I look up at him and say, “Jack, you stapled my d ** k.” He looks down, runs out of breath and begins to laugh. He was lying beside me and laughing at his ass when I said he was a paralyzed crab. “

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CW Anderson: My life blinked in front of me when Newjack used a staple gun on my d–k CW Anderson: My life blinked in front of me when Newjack used a staple gun on my d–k

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