Cyber ​​Monday Sports Game Sale: Here are our recommendations

Between Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday is usually a very good time to become a more “casual” sports gamer. Many sports games are on sale, so if you weren’t very interested in the game at the time of launch, here’s your second chance to research the game at a discounted price. Cyber ​​Monday sports game sales (mixed with continued Black Friday sales) were strong again this year. So, just in case, I’d like to review some recommendations (and games that don’t seem to be fully discounted yet). I’m shopping.

Cyber ​​Monday Sports Game Sales and Recommendations

Madden 21

It’s worth first mentioning that the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate comes with EA Play and you can get the first month for $ 1. This will always be the best deal, as you can get the ridiculous Game Pass library itself, in addition to many old EA Sports games.

How about Madden 21The best deal at the moment is $ 28 from Best Buy and Amazon. All copies of Madden also include a free upgrade to the next generation. So if you have a PS5 or Xbox Series X, you can prepare for this Friday when the next generation version will be released.

Obviously, I’m not sure if the next-generation upgrade is worth it for now, but there’s a long-handed-off preview of that version’s impression. Overall, you’re not going to find a much better deal for Madden until the end of the new year, so if you want to get the game, this is the time to dive. At some point, Madden will always be “free” on EA Play, but that’s usually not until the end of the Super Bowl.

Bob likes gameplay better than in the past this year, but the franchise mode remained untouched, so this deal makes more sense to the next generation of people who don’t yet own the game than most others. I think it’s true. It’s always fun to watch. The first version of a sports game on the new console. Even if there is a quality problem or failure.

NBA 2K21

2K21 is the first game on this list and makes a very clear distinction between the current generation and the next generation.I don’t think I’m the current generation NBA 2K21 It’s a very good game. Joel felt the same in the OS review, but agrees that the next-generation version has been significantly improved.

However, unlike FIFA and Madden, this is not a “free” next-generation upgrade. actually, NBA 2K21 The price of the next-generation console is $ 70. Amazon was selling the 2K21 for $ 60, but people quickly jumped into the deal and sold it out. Amazon allowed me to keep buying games at that price for a short while after it sold out, but that’s over for now. I’ll go back there and keep checking, but so far there are no next generation deals. Still, if you need a next-generation sports game that moves things forward, we recommend the 2K21. EA titles will be cheaper or “free” on next-generation consoles if they already own them in the current generation, but EA is still trying to do as much as 2K in the next generation this year. not.

The current generation NBA 2K21You can find it at Target, Amazon, and Best Buy for $ 28. Finding someone who likes 2K21 isn’t too hard, but it’s still not a good price for anyone who plays 2K every year. If you’re out of the loop, it’s easy to say check out this game for a deep franchise mode and park experience, but the gameplay isn’t as good as the next generation.


Like Madden, if you bought your game on the current generation console, this is a “free” upgrade on the next generation console. in addition, FIFA 21 Like Madden, it’s $ 28 at various stores. The PC version can be purchased for $ 30 or more (as does Madden). We didn’t dig into the next-generation version of FIFA as much as Madden, so we’ve got even less recommendations before launch, but KG has written down what we know.

KG didn’t love the gameplay of the current generation FIFA 21So, from a recommendation point of view, this is a bit tricky. You can still see his latest thoughts on the game after some major patches. While you can get a better experience with sliders, there are some issues that sliders can’t fix (see the review and slider links for more information). That said, if you need a beautiful game with a deeper career mode this year, FIFA 21 $ 28 is not the worst deal.

eFootball PES2021 Season Update

KG is relatively high in this year’s PES “season update”. Digital is now the best option here, as you can now find it on the PSN and Xbox for $ 20. Gameplay is the first reason to take PES over FIFA, but in the mode category it lags behind FIFA in almost every respect. So here it really comes down to what you want in this year’s soccer game. It’s also a bit easier to recommend on the Sony console, as it’s much easier to bring fan-created edits for the PlayStation roster / kit into the game.

NHL 21

Continuing the EA Sports trend, we find that: NHL 21 $ 28 for Amazon and Best Buy. Ryan believes there have been some clear improvements this year, and Career Mode has finally got a valuable update, so Franchise Mode and Career Mode are at least worth checking out. In addition, the World of Chel continues to undergo major changes in pace, making it one of the best NHL titles in a few years.

However, if you’re waiting for the NHL season to begin, you may be able to wait until just after the New Year to find even more deals.It’s not guaranteed, but if you’re still on the fence — and maybe NHL 94 Rewind It will also be part of the package — it may be worth the wait a little longer.

MLB The Show 20

The show is consistent across all generations MLB The Show 20.. So it’s easy to recommend a game for $ 10 (the deal can be found on Best Buy or PSN).The Diamond Dynasty is itself a whole game at this point and contains all the content that can keep you busy until then MLB The Show 21And if you want to play on the next generation console, the game works better than ever.

The show is starting to feel outdated as it’s related to franchise mode, but the gameplay is still great. In addition, franchise mode savings can be carried over between game versions at any time. Also, if you want to try a different experience instead of playing with a roster that feels outdated while you wait, there are plenty of fun custom rosters. The next MLB season begins.

Super Mega Baseball 3

Metalhead has the best indie franchise to go today with Super Mega Baseball. All three versions are currently on sale on Steam and we recommend one of the three. SMB 3 is the best and deepest, but it’s $ 34, so it’s a good idea to scope the original game for $ 8 and see if you like the franchise first. Anyway, SMB 3 is great, well worth the price, has online leagues and many other modes, and keeps you busy.



UFC 4 I’m back at the price I saw before for $ 30. This is usually as low as the UFC gets for quite some time. Eventually it will be posted on EA Play, but it will take some time to reach true bargain bin prices as the UFC is not an annual franchise and the EA seeks to provide DLC and patches throughout its life.Difficult to get consensus on how people feel UFC 4, And our reviews are pretty much the same in that respect.EA Play subscription to check out if you are really on the fence UFC 3 Not the worst option, but if you want to play online UFC 4 It makes more sense.

Overall, I choose the “safe” answer here and say that if you’re a sports fan, you just need to check this for $ 30.

PGA Tour 2K21


PGA Tour 2K21 It’s currently $ 28 on all Best Buy and Amazon consoles. If you like playing online, this is a simple recommendation. PGA 2K doesn’t have a lot of PGA pros so far, so it hurt my career mode experience a bit, but overall, I still have a lot of things I like here in this series. Kevin also really likes this year’s version, so he would say this is a good deal. In the worst case, some people are a little disappointed with the DLC, but the base game for beginners is still solid.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2

Tony Hawk Pro Skater n3

One of my favorite titles of the year, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 You can find it on GameFly for $ 20. If you don’t need a slightly used version, you can get it at Target for $ 25. This remake logically updates the game mechanics, fine-tunes the music here and there, adds new characters on top, and other sports games that may come back from death (SSX, street games, etc.) ) Is an excellent blueprint. Of updated graphics.

Still, it’s a game you still remember in your childhood brain, and that’s the only thing that reigns in modern times. Elliott feels the same way, which is why he was so enthusiastic about his admiration in the reviews.

Out of the Park Baseball 21


Getting OOTP21 on Steam for $ 9.99 is one simple recommendation. Yes, we will get a new version within a few months, but the great thing about OOTP is that we buy it every year and are happy with it. Or relax with the previous year’s version and be happy if not. Anyway, following the series every year.

Franchise Hockey Manager 6

The cheapest game here is FHM6. If you need a hockey-equivalent football manager or OOTP, this is as close as possible. It’s not completely up to these levels, but it’s only $ 2. Speaking of other text sims, we’ll stop here, but you might be able to find other deals.

It’s not here as the latest version of Football Manager will be released soon, but last year’s version was also available for free on the Epic Games Store.

WWE 2K Battleground


Battlegrounds can now be found on Amazon for $ 12.74 (discount at checkout). There are no regular WWE 2K titles this year, so if you need a new wrestling game, you can choose this. WWE 2K20 If you want to go to a more “simulation” route, you can find it on your PC for about $ 15, but there’s no obvious deal better than that of this battleground. Phil likes Battlegrounds primarily in his reviews and believes he will be a hit in young demographics. In general, battlegrounds are not considered a special arcade wrestling game such as: WWE All Stars, But it’s a good deal.


Overall, everything without a name NBA 2K21 The next generation currently has a discounted version, which is at least in an intriguing category. If you still don’t want to take the plunge today, many of these deals will come back in a few weeks. What’s more, if you just want to play at some point, even after the actual season is over, all EA Sports games will end up in EA Play. Please remember again. A free upgrade means you’ll get the next generation of FIFA and Madden at the price of the current generation. Everything else fits in a regular bucket sold during the holiday season.

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