Cyberpunk 2077 as a PS1 game, bugs and everything else

Despite the breakthroughs in games over the years in terms of graphics and gameplay, people still tend to wonder what tomorrow’s title looked like years ago. For example, Halo Infinite’s gameplay trailer was treated as a demake shortly after its debut at the Xbox Games Showcase.

Cyberpunk 2077 already has some demake trailers, but someone decided to create a new trailer that better reflects the gaming experience. How do you do that? Of course we will pack bugs. It doesn’t take long for the glitch to appear, but the video starts with you wandering around Night City. The trees are moving as they like and the NPCs are about to walk through the building.

Then throw a mohawk puncture from your car and things will follow the path of Grand Theft Auto. She takes a T-pose and floats in the sky, spinning as she progresses. A few more Shenanigans follow before Johnny Silverhand announces that he needs to make a cameo and burn a particular city.

Everything is done fine and you can see it below:

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