Cyberpunk 2077 Best Quick Hack | How to get a better cyber deck

There are many ways to complete your goals with Cyberpunk 2077, But one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal Quick hack..

From state-of-the-art cyber decks, you can shoot digital viruses to your enemies, jeopardize your defenses, distract your attention, and malfunction your cyberware.

Many of these quick hacks can turn the tide of intense encounters, but they can help you easily navigate invisible areas.

Below are some of the best quick hacks we’ve seen in Cyberpunk 2077 and guidance on how to get a better cyber deck.

How to get a better cyber deck with Cyberpunk 2077

The Quickhacks roster is closely tied to Cyberdeck’s strength. The free-to-use Militec Paraline boot PC is a good way to understand the basics, but it charges slowly and has very limited RAM.

Small RAM space means it’s difficult to attack more than a few enemies at once. On the other hand, more powerful cyber decks can cause havoc in a room full of bad guys.

Not only that, high-quality cyber decks have many slots for quick hacks, greatly increasing tactical flexibility.

To buy a better Cyber ​​deck, visit your friendly neighborhood Ripperdoc and look in the upper right corner.

Here you can see the selection of cyber decks offered. They’re pretty expensive, but once you reach the required level of Street Cred, it’s worth it.

We recommend saving Epic-level Cyberdeck – Stephenson Tech Mk.3 for $ 25,000. This is the best you can see until much later in the game.

Save the vortex as it doesn’t make much sense to work with rares.

Cyberpunk 2077 Best Quick Hack

Even if you’re dedicated to the most violent solutions to every situation in Cyberpunk 2077, there’s Quickhack.

Not only do some of them give you important information about the battlefield, but they can also soften stronger enemies from a distance.

There are three ways to collect more quick hacks.

  • Buy from a net running store
  • Make it yourself
  • Pillage them from net-running enemies

Different locations throughout Night City carry different items, so check your store regularly to get new inventory and shop.

To create a quick hack, you need a quick hack component. These can be obtained by connecting to the terminals and solving the puzzles you find. They are shown as small red hexagons on the minimap and are often displayed at enemy bases such as clubs and mission locations.

Here is the full page on how to solve the bleach protocol hacking puzzles.

Although not the most exciting, Ping is probably my most used Quickhack.

With a relatively low RAM cost, it reveals all locations of enemies connected to the same network as the pinged target.

This is very helpful in planning stealth routes in crowded missions and also in identifying hidden bad guys.

It’s easy to turn off most of the security cameras and turrets found in reflexes, but try switching them to friendly mode.

This means they work for you when things turn sideways, which they often do.

For example, the camera shows the position of the enemy in combat, and the turret pulls the aggro away from the V.

Short circuits may seem a bit weak in early games, but buying or creating more powerful rarities can be a great stealth tool.

In Cyberpunk 2077, it’s valuable to wipe out a powerful chuck of an enemy without raising a combat alert or completely killing the enemy, and a short circuit is a good option.

Overheat, a foil suitable for short circuits, is another damage quick hack that scrapes enemies over time.

Try to heat up while other hacks are cooling down and eliminate multiple enemies at the same time.

Reboot Optics, another quick hack that may not be able to evaluate full power early in the game, completely blinds enemies for a few seconds.

It either gives up enough time to slip through them undetected or hides behind them for a simple stealth skill.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Best Quickhacks | How to get a better Cyberdeck

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