Cyberpunk 2077 Build: Cold Blood Gunslinger (Critical Revolver) Character Guide Weapon Benefits

Last updated: December 11, 2020

In this Cyberpunk 2077 Build Guide I give you my Cold Blood Gunslinger Build It does incredible damage with a revolver to completely destroy the enemy, even the most difficult difficulty of the game. If you’re a Night City Citizen of Big Number Syndrome, you’ll want to check out this build as you’ll get some absolutely huge critical numbers with it!

Cyberpunk 2077 Build Guide: Cold Blood Gunslinger (Critical Revolver) Character Guide Weapon Benefits

The· Cold Blood Gunslinger Build use Power revolver It has a great effect because it deals incredible damage with each shot. Also, if you hit the target with your head or weakness, you can completely kill the enemy in one round. This is because it has twice the headshot damage multiplier and is higher than almost all other weapons.

With the deadly firepower of the revolver Cold blood You will be an unstoppable force and will only easily pass through your enemies. You’ll get more armor, critical chances, critical damage, health regeneration, and of course even more headshot damage! The more you kill, the better you will be until you transform into the Johnny Silver Hand itself.

Cold-blooded Gunslinger attributes

The attributes required for Cold Blooded Gunslinger Build are: Reflexes, It’s cool And body.. Reflexes Needed to increase critical chances and make the best Handgun benefits You can use it. Cool is needed to increase critical damage and unlock some of the better Cold Blood Parks. And the body is needed to increase your health and armor, making it harder to kill you.


The final attribute spread looks like this:

  • Reflexes: 20
  • It’s cool: 20
  • body: Dump the rest here.

You need a considerable attribute investment in Cold blood To get some of the best perks, they aren’t available up to about 9 attribute points and continue to get better from there. For this reason, reflexes should be prioritized first. Otherwise, you may feel cramped early on. There are some great body parks right away without investing points, so don’t put attribute points here until the end of the game.

Cold-blooded gun slinger benefits

What to look for in this section Benefits To get the best performance from this build, you need to get it. Reflexes are our number one priority. Handgun benefitsLet’s start from there. It is important to note that in many cases high level perks are better than low level perks. Therefore, if you haven’t maximized your low-level benefits when you unlocked your high-level benefits, it’s a good idea to come back later.

Handgun benefits

noon – This perk increases critical chances with pistols and revolvers, further increasing damage. When a headshot becomes critical, it does more damage. This demonstrates the strength of this build. Maximize this.

Gunslinger – This benefit is useful because reloading the revolver can take a long time and can be killed if you’re not careful. 10% isn’t that high, so it’s a good idea to take full advantage of this benefit or skip everything together for maximum profit.

Rio Bravo – What more do you want from this perk? The pistol and revolver increase headshot damage, which is a complete benefit to this build. Ultimately maximize this.

Desperado – This perk will give you a straightforward damage increase with your pistol and revolver, so you’ll eventually want to maximize this, but not so much so soon.

Long shot drop pop – This benefit increases damage to enemies more than 5 meters away. This is great because it happens so often. Maximize this as soon as possible.

OK ranch duel – This benefit increases damage to weak targets. This isn’t particularly useful against regular enemies, but it’s necessary because it performs very well against bosses.

A handful of Eurodollar – Benefits further increase critical damage with pistols and revolvers, but that’s not enough. Ultimately maximize this.

Grand Finale – This perk doubles the damage of the last round of a pistol or revolver before reloading. It is more effective to use up the gunslinger, so it is recommended to take it only when the gunslinger is used up.

Pioneer United States) Western Region – This perk removes the damage penalty of firing a pistol and revolver within range. You do this often, so you should consider this as a damage-increasing perk.

Westworld – This perk increases your critical chances with a fully modified pistol and revolver. Finding a mod isn’t too hard and you can actually do anything to get this bonus. There are no drawbacks here, as you can freely unlock mod slots and put them in slots.

Intelligence – Do headshots increase your critical chances? Are there any more perfect perks in this build? This is not “easy” … Please forgive me for puns.

Good, bad, ugly – This perk increases damage and armor for a short period of time after a successful critical hit. This is perfect for this build as it focuses on high critical chances.

Cold Blood Park

Cold blood – This perk gives you a buff that lasts 10 seconds when you defeat an enemy. It only starts with a faster movement, but as you progress, other benefits are unleashed. Level 2 earns a permanent critical chance boost, so take this immediately to gain experience in this park tree.

Will to survive – This perk increases resistance with each kill. It’s not the biggest benefit here, but it improves the viability needed in more difficult situations.

Dangerous condition – This perk increases the duration of cold blood buffs. This is a must have for this build as we want to make this as long as possible. Make the most of it as soon as possible.

Rapid blood flow – This perk increases health regeneration in and out of combat for each stack of Cold Blood you have. The more healing you have, the better, so take this.

Defensive coagulation – Another perk that will help you stay alive, but this will increase your armor with each Cold Blood stack. More armor equals less death.

Freezing accuracy – This benefit simply and simply increases headshot damage. This build doesn’t do enough headshot damage, so take this.

Cold and calculation – This perk gives you the chance to win a cold blood stack on a critical hit. Perform many critical hits in this build to increase synergies.

Coolagulant – This perk only loses one stack of cold blood at a time, giving you even longer buff retention. Take it as this can make your buff last much longer.

Athletics benefits

Playback – This benefit allows you to slowly regain your strength during combat. Take as soon as possible to get the most out of Rapid Bloodflow.

invincible – A modest amount of maximum health is added with another perk that isn’t really all or at all. Skip this or get the most out of it.

Epimorphosis – Use this benefit to regain health outside of combat. This is very convenient. Why not take it because it makes your life easier?

Great care – This perk allows you to reload during sprints, slides and vaults. This saves time because you can do two things at once. Also, the Revolver reload is not the fastest.

Cardiocure – This benefit moderately increases health recovery on the move. This build works pretty well, so even a little healing will help!

The dogs of war – This perk further increases health regeneration in combat. This is further amplified by Rapid Bloodflow.

Wolverine – This benefit reduces the time required to begin regaining health in combat. This generally makes the regeneration of physical strength more effective. You should get a lot of health regeneration with this build.

Cold-blooded gunslinger equipment

In this section, we’ll look at the equipment you need to play Cold Blooded Gunslinger Build.First of all weapons First, in this case, because I think they are the most obvious.


Obviously, this build requires some kind of power revolver, and the choice you make isn’t that important early on, as long as you have one. However, keep in mind that DPS can be misleading, as it requires the highest damage per shot, not the highest DPS. The rate of fire is not that important, as ideally you need a one-shot one-kill. Weapon bonuses are randomized unless they are symbolic, but to get the most out of it, you should look for one with a critical chance and critical damage if possible. Some have high headshot multipliers …

It’s also a good idea to get some mods for this weapon, as it will improve the performance of this weapon and in some cases increase its damage. This is also important because Westworld only works if you have a fully modified weapon. Avoid mods that reduce damage, such as silencers.


When it comes to armor, ideally you’ll want to look for a critical chance or a bonus to critical damage. Of course, more armor is better, but the ability to survive is still decent. However, if you’re playing in Very Hard, it’s a good idea to prioritize more armor. It’s important to note that these bonuses are also randomized.


The cyberware used for this build is less important as you can get what you need most from the perks themselves, but you want to look for something that increases your critical chances and damage. Anything that increases the damage per shot is useful. Also, something that helps you stay alive (such as additional armor) will help.

Last tip

I really like using covers in this build as I need to take headshots to maximize damage and the revolver has a small number of rounds per clip so I can’t afford to waste shots .. The cover allows you to aim accurately while minimizing damage. To cover, simply approach the shelves or doorways and aim, and it should do this for you, whether you lean forward. If this isn’t done, you’ll have to get closer, but you can get the hang of it pretty quickly.

If possible, always aim at your head and aim for a one-shot one-kill. You don’t have to keep every shot of your head, but don’t try to pull the trigger as fast as you can. Also, the guns in this game appear to fire bullets just to the left of where they are likely to land, so you’ll learn to point only your hair to the left side of your head.

Make sure you are at a sufficient distance as the revolver reduces damage as you move away from the target. Run and bring the cover closer if necessary. This is not a problem as it has high reflexes and good movement speed.

If you find a revolver that you really like, or one that really feels good to you, you can upgrade it using Crafting. Of course, you’ll need materials to do this, but you can get them by discarding the weapons and armor in your inventory of parts.

Finally, although it wasn’t designed specifically for pistols, keep in mind that you can still use pistols in this build. There are also some decent pistols in the game, some that do good impact damage to the machine, and it doesn’t hurt to have a backup weapon. Play around with them to find the one that suits your playing style!

Stay tuned for more details on the Cyberpunk 2077 Build Guide. Please come and visit us. Cyberpunk 2077wiki It meets all the needs of Night City. Alternatively, you can stop by the Twitch channel and say hello as you stream your game over the next two weeks. And check out our early impressions and character creation!


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