Cyberpunk 2077 Build: Neural Net Runner (Quick Hacks Specialist) Character Guide Weapon Benefits

In this Cyberpunk 2077 Build Guide I give you my Neural net runner build Use Quickhacks and Cyberware to turn the battle around and often turn difficult scenarios into much easier ones. If you’re thinking of how to hack enemies and create “mage” type characters for all purposes, this is a build for you.

Cyberpunk 2077 Build: Neural Net Runner (Quick Hacks Specialist) Character Guide Weapon Benefits

Neural Netrunner Build is a remote build that uses. Quick hack, Daemon and yours Cyber ​​deck Weaken the enemy or kill it completely. Quick hacks and daemons are not covered at all in the tutorial. Cyberpunk 2077, This section also describes these mechanisms so that you can understand how they work.

What is really great Neural net runner build With proper setup, there are usually things that can handle all situations, and the game is often significantly easier.In addition, it can be replaced and changed Quick hack Outside of combat, if you know what you are facing, you can adapt them specifically to the situation.

How quick hacks and demons work

Daemons can be used to hack the network in your area to debuff an entire group of enemies or bring down an entire site.What you start the game is called Ice pick, Reduces the cost of Quickhack by 1, but you can also get other costs.

To take advantage of this daemon, you need to start the bleach protocol and complete the puzzles that appear on the screen. The way to do this is to match the numbers in a straight line. If done correctly, you can benefit from multiple daemons at once. You’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly, and using the bleach protocol you should do first before every battle. Note that increasing the Cyberdeck buffer size makes this easier and allows you to enter more daemons when using a violating protocol.

Quick hack and RAM

Quick hack Cyberpunk 2077 It acts as a kind of ability that can be loaded into a cyber deck that is part of the device. All cyber decks are different, some can add quick hacks, some offer special bonuses, and some have a lot of RAM. For example, a legendary cyber deck could contain all three.

Quick hacks can be created, purchased, and plundered, and like any other device in the game, they have varying rarities. The higher the rarity, the better version of Quickhack, which usually improves or adds to its effectiveness. For example, the Uncommon version of Overheat will do damage over time, but the rare version of Overheat will also do damage, so the target will not function during this time.

RAM in combat is a resource consumed to use. Quick hack, And the amount needed to cast each Quickhack is listed. However, this amount can be affected by perks, demons, and the difficulty of the enemies you are facing. Low-difficulty enemies use less RAM, and higher-difficulty enemies use more.

You can cast these by taking advantage of the RAM replenishment benefit Quick hack By fighting repeatedly, you can control the battlefield or defeat the enemy without firing a single shot. This type of playstyle is considered to resemble a typical fantasy RPG mage.

Neural net runner attributes

Intelligence is the only attribute that needs to be Netrunner, as most of the perks that affect it are intelligence. Quick hack It is in this attribute. In addition, it passively increases the damage and duration of Quickhacks as well as RAM. Basically, if you want to be a Netrunner, you need to maximize this as quickly as possible.

That said, there are more attribute points and you won’t be able to play using Quickhacks alone. This is especially true when the difficulty is high. Therefore, you can use quick hacks from range, so you need to focus on another park tree that revolves around your weapon, ideally a remote one. Then pump the reflexes that are likely to contain that park tree, where you unlock a better park. To survive, you need to put additional points in your body.

The final attribute spread looks like this:

  • Intelligence: 20
  • Reflexes: 20
  • body: Dump the rest here.

Intelligence is a priority here. This is because you can’t use Quickhack on a regular basis without a large investment in Perk. It is very important to reduce costs and speed up the acquisition of RAM. Reflexes increase when you try to use benefits to increase the effectiveness of your weapon. Once that’s done, you build up for more viability.

Neural net runner benefits

What to look for in this section Benefits To get the best performance from this build, you need to get it. Intelligence is our number one priority as it includes quick hacking. Let’s get started there. The bleach protocol is also under intelligence, but it’s less important because it requires much less investment.

Quick hacking benefits

Bio-synergy – This perk allows you to recover RAM during combat, allowing for even more use. Quick hack.. It’s hard to play Netrunner without a way to replenish RAM, so you’ll definitely want to get the most out of it.

Bloodwear – This very simple perk only increases the damage of quick hacks. Ideally, you want to kill your enemies, so make the most of this to achieve this.

Forget-me-not – If you defeat a target affected by a quick hack, this perk will return 1 RAM. This is an easy choice as this should ideally be all the targets you kill.

Signal support – This perk increases the duration of quick hacks and increases the time it takes to damage and debuff targets. This helps kill enemies and makes good use of Forget-Me-Not.

Subliminal message – This perk significantly increases the damage of quick hacks used on unsuspecting targets. This should make it fairly easy to kill the first target, so we take it.

mnemonic – This benefit reduces the cost of using a second quick hack against your target if your target is affected by the first quick hack. This is useful when it’s difficult to kill an enemy who needs to double stack quick hacks to get the job done.

Critical error – This perk allows quick hacks to deal critical damage. This greatly improves DPS. To get the most out of this perk, be sure to focus on critical chances and critical damage.

medical history – This benefit prevents RAM from falling below 2. This means that you can use Quickhack more often because you don’t have to replenish it much before you can use it again. Maximize this.

optimisation – This benefit reduces the cost of all Quickhacks by 1 RAM, making it easier and more frequent to use. Take it as soon as possible.

Master Lamb Liberator – This benefit greatly improves the speed at which you recover RAM, so it is recommended that you take advantage of it when you reach 20 intelligence.

Violation protocol benefits

Massive vulnerabilities – This perk allows you to debuff all enemies in your area by reducing your physical damage resistance for a few minutes. This is a good opening daemon to use as it will increase all future physical damage.

Massive vulnerabilities: resistance – This perk is worth picking up as it enhances a large number of vulnerabilities to affect all damage types, not just physical.

Turret tamer – This demon allows you to convert all turrets in the area into friendly forces for a few minutes. This makes very difficult areas very easy.

Total recall – This further enhances the Icepick daemon by increasing the cost of Quickhacks by 1 RAM. This is easy!

Total recall – This perk does the same thing as Total Recall, reducing Quickhacks’ RAM cost by one more. If you want to spam these, you’ll need both.

Cloud cache – This benefit reduces the cost of the next Quickhack by multiplying 1 RAM by the number of successfully uploaded daemons. The better you get, the more savings you can get!

Massive Vulnerabilities: Quick Hack – This perk allows all enemies in the area to take more damage from quick hacks when affected by the Mass Vulnerability Demon. You will use these a lot, so definitely have this.

Auspicious start – This benefit automatically uploads one daemon when you start the bleach protocol, so you can easily activate many daemons at the same time. You will definitely want this.

Buffer optimization – This perk increases the duration of all demon effects by 100%. This is a significant increase. There is only one reward point, so it’s worth it easily even if you don’t always need it.

These aren’t all the perks you take, but they can be quite a lot. Other park points you have should enter your weapon park tree and help improve your damage with your favorite gun type.

Neural net runner equipment

In this section, we’ll look at the equipment you need to play Neural Netrunner Build.First of all weapons First, it’s not as important to this build as any other build you can play.


The weapon you choose is less important as you focus primarily Quick hack, But you need something to do the damage. Melee weapons are not recommended as they will squeeze and allow you to use quick hacks within range. Play with different weapons and see what feels good to you. You don’t have to stick to one weapon type, so don’t be afraid to change it.


As for armor, once you have a critical error perk, look for a critical chance or critical damage bonus. Of course, it is better to increase the armor. If you’re playing very hard, it’s a good idea to prioritize increasing armor. It’s important to note that these bonuses are also randomized.


The most important part of the cyberware in this build is, of course, the cyber deck that allows for more slots. Quick hack, And use many of them before you need to replenish the RAM. This makes all the difference to this build, so upgrade to the best you can find, or upgrade with plenty of time whenever you get a chance.

Last tip

Always lead the bleach protocol when you start a battle to debuff your enemies and increase their damage to them. This doesn’t break stealth, so you can do it really quickly and then put it in place.Then select and use the target Quick hack Debuff or kill it and start the battle.

It is recommended to load at least one low cost Quickhack Cyber ​​deck Makes it available even when RAM is very low. For example, you can create an enemy weapon jam to rush to the enemy and unload point blanks. There are some good options here.

Some quick hacks work more effectively against human enemies, while others work more effectively against robots. It’s a good idea to have at least one quick hack of each type to do the most damage possible. Take a look at them and make sure you set this when the Cyber ​​deck has enough slots.

Finally, take the time to use it Violation protocol Try activating as many daemons as possible at one time. The timer doesn’t start until the first click, so think ahead before you start and move quickly. Lowering this will significantly improve the performance of this build.

Stay tuned for more details on the Cyberpunk 2077 Build Guide. Please come and visit us. Cyberpunk 2077wiki It meets all the needs of Night City. Alternatively, you can stop by the Twitch channel and say hello as you stream your game over the next two weeks. And check out our early impressions and character creation!


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