Cyberpunk 2077 Build: Technical Engineer (Technical Weapon) Character Guide Weapon Benefits

In this Cyberpunk 2077 Build Guide I give you my Technical engineer build This is a build that uses Technical weapons To the maximum, it also allows you to make high quality equipment. If you like Cyberpunk 2077’s crafting system and don’t want to lighten the damage to be able to use it, we recommend checking out this build.

Cyberpunk 2077 Build: Technical Engineer (Technical Weapon) Character Guide Weapon Benefits

Technical engineers use technical weapons to completely destroy hidden enemies. Many of Cyberpunk 2077’s tech weapons pass through the cover when charged. This build takes advantage of this by optimizing the damage when doing so.In addition, there are different types of technical engineers because there are different types of weapons that can do this. weapons It can be used at any time, unoptimized.

Technical engineers can also create and upgrade weapons. armor, This is another Build Unless they also use technical weapons in particular, they will not be able to do so. Craft Cyberpunk 2077 can make your life a lot easier, and there are also some amazingly crafted weapons. If you don’t want to miss this aspect of the game, I definitely recommend playing this build.

Technical engineer attributes

The attributes required for this build are: Technical capabilities And Reflexes, However, additional points can be placed in body For extra health.

Technical abilities increase your armor, but more importantly, it allows you to access Craft And Engineering benefits This will allow this build.

Reflexes are needed to increase critical chances and grant access to assault And Handgun benefits It offers additional bonuses to rifles and pistols. These may be the types of weapons used in this build, but we’ll discuss them later.

The final attribute spread looks like this:

  • Technical ability: 20
  • Reflexes: 20
  • body: Dump the rest here

You’ll want to rush your technical capabilities with this build to unlock it Benefits You need it right away and you probably just put a few points on your reflexes Character creation.. You can get some great perks with 7 points of Reflexes, so don’t go much higher until you maximize your technical abilities.

Benefits of technical engineers

What to look for in this section Benefits To get the best performance from this build, you need to get it. Technical competence is our number one priority Crafting and engineering benefitsLet’s start from there. It is important to note that in many cases high level perks are better than low level perks. Therefore, if you haven’t maximized your low-level benefits when you unlocked your high-level benefits, it’s a good idea to come back later.

Engineering benefits

Up to 11 – Use this benefit to charge your technical weapons higher and increase the damage done when charging. You will always charge your weapon, so you want to maximize this as soon as possible.

lightning – This benefit increases your critical chances with tech weapons, regardless of the type of tech weapon. This is perfect for this build as it may use many different types.

Tesla – This benefit increases the damage when charging and firing weapons. Again, this applies to all tech weapons, regardless of the type of tech weapon, so make the most of it.

Ubercharge – This perk further increases the damage of technical weapons when fully charged. Ideally, this benefits all shots, as all shots fired at the enemy behind the cover are fully charged. It doesn’t always happen that way, but you’ll still take advantage of it.

Gun Wispa Luller – Use this perk to keep your Tech Weapon charge shots until you’re ready to fire. Until you get this, fire immediately after reaching the maximum charge. Take this as soon as you get it.

Fuck all the walls – This benefit reduces the charge required to penetrate the wall. Ideally this isn’t necessary, but it makes a mistake and in some cases fires prematurely. It happens best in us …

Ricketty split – This benefit reduces the time required to charge tech weapons. This should be maximized as soon as possible, as the faster the charge, the faster the launch.

Superconductor – This perk ensures that tech weapons completely ignore armor. This often significantly increases damage and makes TechWeapons especially deadly.

Craft benefits

Mechanic – This perk only provides more material when disassembling armor and weapons. Take this right away to profit from it from the first moment of the game. We will disassemble a lot of equipment, so make the most of it.

Field technician – This benefit increases the damage of craft weapons by 5%. It’s not a ton, but it helps a little. If you’re going to make something, it may be the best possible.

200% efficiency – This perk works like a field technician, but uses armor instead. Take this to get the best armor you can have. Technical abilities provide you with increased armor, so raise your armor for more protection.

Cost optimization – This perk can help you a lot by reducing the materials needed for crafting! Maximize this to make it easier to create equipment.

State-of-the-art – Take advantage of another perk that will further increase the damage of your craft weapons. If you can’t get the best product you can, what’s the point of using all your ingredients?

Edge runner craftsman – Use this perk to create the highest quality legendary quality weapons in the game. If you are crafting, take this as it should only be the highest quality equipment you can make.

Assault Parks & Hand Gun Parks

Which perks you use here really depends on how you play with you. Therefore, we do not explain exactly which benefits to use. However, Assault is a good place to start, as it benefits from tech sniper rifles and tech precision rifles. If you like tech pistols, you’ll want to start with a pistol.

There aren’t many park points to use here early on, but it’s highly recommended to get a park that directly increases damage, such as: Bullseye Or Rio Bravo.. As you progress through the game and reach higher levels, you can come back and get the following quality of life improvements: Sharp eyes And Gunslinger..

Technical engineer equipment

In this section, we’ll look at the equipment you need to play Tech Engineer Build.First of all weapons At first, it’s very important for this build.


Unlike most builds that focus on one weapon type, technical engineers can use multiple weapons. This is because most tech weapons benefit from the benefits of the engineering section for that type. This means that the weapon you use is really up to you, but we recommend using a combination of rifle and pistol, or just a rifle.

Both Tech Sniper Rifles and Tech Precision Rifles will earn bonuses under Assault Park when applied to rifles. Therefore, this is a natural selection as it buffs multiple weapons at the same time. However, you can also get Handguns Perks to use TechPistols and TechRevolvers, but it’s a bit more widespread. You won’t lose a lot of damage this way. You can use the park points because you don’t really need a body park.

Whenever you get a new Tech Weapon, it’s a good idea to give it a try and see how you like it because it outperforms other weapons. You can use TechShotguns as needed, as you are unlikely to dump points into assaults and handguns until much later in the game. You can also create Tech Weapons schematics, so don’t be afraid to buy them.


When it comes to armor, ideally you’ll want to look for a critical chance or a bonus to critical damage. Of course, more armor is better, but the ability to survive is still decent. However, if you’re playing in Very Hard, it’s a good idea to prioritize more armor. It’s important to note that these bonuses are also randomized.


In addition, you can modify some armor to add effects, so it’s not a bad idea to create or find them. Use the Wiki for those locations.


The cyberware used for this build is less important as you can get what you need most from the perks themselves, but you want to look for something that increases your critical chances and damage. Anything that increases the damage per shot is useful. Also, something that helps you stay alive (such as additional armor) will help.

Last tip

I really like to use Threat detector eye system cyberware This build mod allows you to see which enemies are aware of your existence. This is a great advantage as it can penetrate walls and be covered by Tech Weapons. You can also make all the difference by knowing where to shoot. Get this if you can, and don’t unslot if you don’t need it.

Learn when to charge your weapon and when not to charge it. This can take some time, but when playing Tech Weapons for the first time, it’s a natural instinct to charge every shot and do the most damage, and it’s often overkill. .. Get in the habit of charging your weapon when approaching a hidden enemy, and don’t charge your weapon until you know where your target is. If you stand there slowly while holding the charge, you can be killed if you don’t know where to shoot, and you can’t hold the charge indefinitely early on anyway.

Not all tech weapons are treated the same, so you’ll want to learn how to best use the tech weapons you have. For example, a pistol can shoot through covers and much shorter range, so it doesn’t work well at medium range. But it’s an absolutely catastrophic close-up, firing terribly fast. Swap weapons depending on what’s happening on the battlefield, and if you can help it, you don’t always use one weapon. Besides, it’s much more fun to mix it.

Don’t forget to change your weapons to do more damage, or to increase your critical chances and more. Investing in TechAbility and Crafting Perks makes it much easier to create mods than any other build. It. Always keep an eye on new mod schematics so you can create the mods you need.

Finally, this build not only requires materials to disassemble weapons and armor, but also costs money to buy them and schematics, so plunder, sell, and sell everything you find. Please disassemble. Increase the carrying capacity if necessary. Pac Mule ParkBecause I carry a lot of things!

Stay tuned for more details on the Cyberpunk 2077 Build Guide. Please come and visit us. Cyberpunk 2077wiki It meets all the needs of Night City. Alternatively, you can stop by the Twitch channel and say hello as you stream your game over the next two weeks. And check out our early impressions and character creation!


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