Cyberpunk 2077 characters do not stop following some players around

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Cyberpunk 2077 There is a buggy launch from Cheerful and humorous To Disappointed.. Some players have reported funny or creepy bugs, depending on how you see it: story NPCs that never stop chasing around them.

(Some gentle story spoilers Cyberpunk 2077 First. )

You meet a member of the Maelstrom gang, Damdam, on an early story mission in a gangster hideout.Mission can go Many different ways Depending on how they play, several players have reported that Dum Dum follows them long after the mission is over, appears on the streets of Night City, and even accompanies them. Subsequent story missions.. “He actually helped me fight too!” 1 The player wrote to Reddit.Player is reporting a bug twitterAlong with sharing images of various nasty cameos from DumDum.Some people report that he will magically lose him and will lose him for some time. Reappears in the background or in their car.

Dam Dam is not the only NPC that is overloaded.Written by one player Reddit Fumbo, the NPC you rescue in side missions, has been chasing them ever since. “I’ll drive him away for a few minutes on a fast trip, but then I see a green icon on my radar, confirming that he’s following me throughout Night City,” they share hilariousness. I wrote imgur gallery Of the result. This bug isn’t as deep blue as DumDum. You intend to escort Fumbo to the drop-off point, but the player writes that “the mission never progressed after the bad guys came in.” A shootout took place and it was literally that. Now he follows me everywhere. “

If you have an NPC bug and for some reason you don’t like it completely, players are offering various fixes. Some players say that the dam dam disappeared as the story progressed.Others have discovered that they can lose him Get rid of immediately From him Single-seater vehicle..

Many players find it pretty cheerful, The emotions I have to say I share. I haven’t experienced this bug myself, but please show me your photo if you have one. We were all able to use a little joy.

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