Cyberpunk 2077 developers warn against posting videos and streams before release

As the excitement grows with the imminent release of Cyberpunk 2077 Next week, CD Projekt RED worked to discourage people who might be lucky enough to get the game before they were freed from posting spoilers online.

In a tweet from the game’s official account, the studio said, “Our ambition is for gamers around the world to have the same (no spoiler) experience when the game is released,” asking players not to stream. It was. Post Let’s Plays. Or similar video content for games before 11:00 pm (UK time) on December 9th.

According to CD Projekt RED, those who do not follow the advice will see a visit from MAX-TAC, referring to police forces in space dealing with rampaging cyber psychos. This means sending a deletion notice and removing the video from the internet whenever possible. However, after that, developers say they will be able to share as much as they want.

This cross-finger movement helps the rest to avoid spoilers. Some people on social media We have already reported that they got the game. Thankfully, it shouldn’t take long to wait for the game to be available. Cyberpunk 2077 It will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC (and backward compatible with Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5) from December 10th.–streams-before-release

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