Cyberpunk 2077 DLC will be revealed after launch

One of the biggest games of its generation is finally here. People already want to know what DLC will look like. However, developer CD Projekt Red has confirmed that Cyberpunk 2077’s DLC details will be revealed after the game starts on December 10.

Adam Kiciński, president of CD Projekt Red, revealed the news in a third-quarter earnings call this week (transcribed by Seeking Alpha). Initially planned to be released before the game was released, recent delays have led developers to retain the information at a later date. “The original plan was to do it before the release, but after a recent delay, we decided to wait for the release to bring the game to gamers before we start talking about future projects,” says Kiciński. .. “So, after the release.”

The developers also mentioned in a revenue call for Cyberpunk 2077’s multiplayer mode coming in 2022. “Once we update our strategy, we’ll share our thoughts on next year,” says Kiciński. “It will happen in the first quarter of next year, after the release of cyberpunk, and it’s a great opportunity to discuss deeper or all the important aspects of future releases.”

The only thing we know about the upcoming cyberpunk 2077DLC is that we need to expect more content than The Witcher 3 received. In total, The Witcher 3 ended up with two full extensions and 16 free content packs. Even after finishing the game, you can expect to stay in Night City for quite some time.

It’s easy to see why some people are concerned that the game may not meet the December release date after three delays. Fortunately, CD Projekt Red’s Q3 2020 earnings report reiterated that Cyberpunk 2077 wasn’t delayed four times and that the game will be available in December.

There isn’t much time left for Cyberpunk 2077 to go on sale, so it’s a good idea to check out Cyberpunk 2077’s Character Customization Guide to see what kind of characters you can create. You can’t create a character without thinking about clothes, but don’t worry. Cyberpunk 2077 Gear Guide will help you.

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