Cyberpunk 2077 gets a “working” third person mod

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Playable mods are now available Cyberpunk 2077 It’s a third person on a PC, but it works in the most basic and functional sense, but keep in mind that you don’t really want to use it for long periods of time.

A mod created by Jelle Bakker, You can download it from here..The player can put the camera back cyber punk With the default first-person view, you can not only move around, but more importantly, admire your clothes in third-person.

It takes a bit of work to do, and you have to enter some separate code to load your head. When you’re done, it’s a good idea to keep your movements slowly and stable.

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But as you move faster or more suddenly, things become a little less elegant.

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This is cool. The witcher 3 (Or Grand Theft Auto, Or Assassin’s Creed, Or Red dead) I showed you something, but we prefer to play open world games as a third person. That way, we can see what we are wearing and get a better foundation around us.

But it also Absent This is cool in that it doesn’t really work. cyber punkDesigned from scratch to give you a first-person experience, from combat to cutscenes to animations of the player character itself, this mod is occasional and not a completely new way. Play the game.

If you want to try it, you can download it here..

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