Cyberpunk 2077 Guide: How to Save Takemura

Note: This guide contains one spoiler for Cyberpunk 2077’s story quest. Please read at your own risk.

Running Act 2 will significantly increase your stakes in Cyberpunk 2077. After the protagonist V got the biochip and found Johnny Silver Hand in his head, he set out on a journey to find out what he could do about the chip and how to get it. Get rid of it before it kills you. Your research will follow several paths, including collaboration with former Arasaka bodyguard Goro Takemura.

You will spend a lot of time with Takemura as you investigate Arasaka and try to get in touch with the brass of the company without killing yourself in the process. Eventually, however, things changed completely and he left Takemura at an important moment in the story mission Play It Safe. When the two are attacked at a meeting in the condominium, V falls from the collapsed floor and leaves Takemura. At this point, I’m not sure right away, but I have a choice. Either run hard or return to Takemura to avoid being overwhelmed by the enemy.

Here’s how to go back to Goro and make sure he’s alive. Cyberpunk 2077 has more coverage to support the entire game. Be sure to read ,,,,, and other tips.

How to save Takemura

Towards the end of the Play It Safe mission, after a meeting with Hanako Arasaka, Takemura’s Safe House was attacked by a villain in Arasaka. At the beginning of the battle, the explosion collapses a part of the building under V and he spreads downstairs. At this point, Johnny insists that you need to leave the building and V mentions returning to help Takemura.

1. Ignore the minimap

Regardless of what the character says, returning to Takemura is a hidden purpose and is not marked on your map. You’ll have to find a way back to him yourself, and follow the path shown on the minimap to get out of the apartment building and leave Takemura to your fate.

2. Find a way to back up

There is a way back upstairs to help Takemura, but that’s not clear. The easiest way is to jump back through the hole you fell into.If you have Reinforced tendon cyberwear (gives double jump) or fortified ankle (gives charge jump), You can return to the room through the hole with Takemura.

Without the right chrome, you have to overcome the enemy’s turmoil to reach Takemura. If you wake up in a fallen room, look for a neon cloth on the wall. Below that is a hole that you can crawl on. Follow the road and look for stairs to get back upstairs, but be aware of the swarms of Arakasa you face along the way.

3. Kill Arasaka

In the apartment where Takemura is, there are several Arakasa soldiers, all of whom are unloading. The advantage of coming back from the hole is that you can get drops on these guys and approach them from behind to take them down. Otherwise, you will have to fight them head-on when you return to Takemura’s apartment. After killing all three, Takemura should take you back to the hallway. (Note: The entire area is quite buggy and Takemura may get stuck in a cover position during this battle. If enough, he will follow you, but save before chasing him. There seems to be a good idea.)

4. Battle to the street

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From here, Mr. Arasaka shoots to the exit and hits violently. Expect a tougher fight than if you just escaped yourself. When you leave the apartment, enemies come from both sides of the corridor. If you have a lot of grenades, you can easily get them out of the hall by bouncing them off the wall. This will avoid exposure. Powerful quick hacks like infectious are also useful here, as you can damage and kill multiple enemies at once. However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by Arasaka, so don’t overdo it when fighting.

You need to keep moving through the apartment building to escape, and Arasaka will keep coming for you, so move carefully and hide. Going farther, Takemura should be more helpful and help fight Arasaka in the stairwell. It’s not too far to get out of the building. If you can see the sunlight, please run. You say goodbye, but Takemura will contact you later to let him know he’s doing well.

5. Epilogue appearance

Unfortunately, saving Takemura does not unlock his ability to spend more time with him. He hides for the rest of the game and leaves you to deal with everything else that’s happening. However, saving him can change the end of the game. Takemura will appear in the epilogue according to your choice and you can win trophies or achievements to save him called the “devil”.

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