Cyberpunk 2077 Happy Together Quest | Find Andrew’s Niche

Has many grit and violence Cyberpunk 2077, But one of its early side jobs – Happy together – Is a story of loss and friendship. When you get off the Mega Tower from V’s apartment, you will probably come across nature. There you can see two cops knocking on the door and trying to trick someone.

Talk to the cops outside your apartment and they will introduce themselves as Petrois and Mendes. Ask what’s happening and then ask if there’s anything you can do.

Cyberpunk 2077 Happy Together Quest

Petrois will level with you that their friend and ex-colleague Barry hasn’t been himself lately. He mentioned losing his dear friend, but has been secluded for some time. After agreeing to check Barry’s Petrois and Mendes, walk to his house.

Knock on the door, but there is no answer. Complete another quest away and elsewhere, or wait a few hours using the inventory menu.

When it’s time to knock again, say V. That way, you can get into the way you’ve met before. Eventually Barry will come to the door.

Say you want to talk, and he won’t slam the door on your face while he’s skeptical. His friend sent you and reluctantly he invites you.

Sit at the table and talk about his past tumes. Barry has burned out of the harsh reality of a harsh life in Night City, and it turns out that his depression has worsened since he lost his friend. When he tries to explain his feelings to his former colleagues, he feels they think he is weak.

Everyone says there is a limit when Barry urges you to continue the conversation as you like and see if Barry thinks it’s right to feel his way.

So it’s time to get up and leave for the purpose of a new quest.

Where to find Andrew’s niche

Before talking to Petrois and Mendes, there are optional markers for “finding Andrew’s niche.” To do this, you need to head to the Night City Cemetery.

First, lower the elevator to the first floor and then board the swaying car.

You’ll have to drive across the water to Westbrook’s North Oak.

Once you reach the marker, look at the screen at the top left of the highlighted area and you’ll end up with Barry needing a little more help.

Get new insights into Barry’s state of mind, return to the Megatower home, talk to the cops, and meet them outside Barry’s apartment.

When asked what he said about the friend he lost, they would say he knew little but Barry really took care of them.

Tell Petrois and Mendes that you have visited the grave, and if you have the coolness to do so, go back when they are skeptical.

Scold Mendes for bullying his friends for a warm and vague solution to the quest, and thank you for organizing things. With more insight into how Barry feels, they tend to give him compassionate support.

To complete Happy Together this way, you get some whirlpool and street credit for your troubles.

That’s all. You can proceed to the main mission such as pickup and information.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Happy Together Quest | Find Andrew’s Niche

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