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In less than a week, everyone in the future of cyberpunk in 2020 will play Cyberpunk 2077.. Or at least the impression I get, based on the fact that it’s all that everyone is talking about. This is the nature of the hype that surrounds the role-playing sensation of Robo armament. No one has played it yet, but I’m sure it will be a life-changing experience.About this week’s episode Split screenDiscuss the ugly side of the gaming community Cyberpunk 2077 Reality distortion fields have brought about the same (often disastrous) history of hype in the gaming industry.

To start the episode, Ash, Fahey, and I Best Defector impression And remember some games that were getting more and more hyped. It lands with a dull sound and quickly becomes obscured. Remember EA Dante’s hell?? How about that weird Ubisoft shooter, Haze??And of course who can forget Homefront, Apart from everyone? Not us!Then we move on to the discussion Cyberpunk 2077 And, in particular, why it hooked the cart on what might be the most out-of-control hype train in the history of video games, and its broader impact.

Finally, we take that energy off the cliff and embark on a land with a vaguely remembered marketing disaster.Who Homefront Along Shoot hundreds of red balloons over San FranciscoWas it a good idea to trash an essentially environmentally friendly city?And how is it That one Sony PSP ad In 2006, people thought they were pretty racist, but when you think about it later, it’s incredibly “literally even one racist.” We talk about all that, and of course more.

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Ash: At first I gave in a little cyber punk They got Keanu Reeves so they hyped a little and “You are breathtaking” With him. He’s just a nice guy and it’s really pretty to see. And if I have the idea of ​​playing this game and being able to stay with him for most of the 120 hours it’s intended, what do you know? It’s a pretty good game. I was able to get into it.

But over time, everything came out CD Projekt Red Proverb, “We’re not going to crunch, but in reality we’ve been crunching all the time,” they said. Tweaked that message “Are they chewy or not chewy?” And “In fact, we’re paying everyone, so it’s chewy. I’m sorry for my spouse and children, but never seeing them again. No. “It’s as if I don’t care anymore, everyone. And there’s the whole problem of escort fanboys around it. One negative thing about it is that they bring a rake and try to burn your house. It just turns me off altogether. I’m very tired of it. I’m really sick of it!

Fahei: As I explained the whole process, I felt this strong fatigue hit me. It was like crushing me slowly.

Ash: This will be our life now, so at least next month. So we’re not the ones working on it, but we’re working on it. It’s something everyone wants to click and talk about, so it’s going to be something that just absorbs all our work life.

Nathan: I think it’s important to dig into how you got here and how you got here. cyber punk Arrived at this point. It doesn’t necessarily look like a game that has previously won this kind of hype on paper. It shares some qualities with those types of games, Deus Ex Restart. Even they did not command this level of unrestricted, barbaric enthusiasm. I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what turned this game into a full-fledged sensation, but it’s difficult.One big thing we were actually talking about Kotaku The other day, the staff in general said that the game was announced almost 10 years ago. It’s funny to think about it, but I saw the movie trailer for the first time in 2013, but even before that, CD Projekt was announced in 2012. At that time, the trailer was slightly covered, which was quite controversial. A female cyborg is fighting a policeman. Perhaps there are even more charged images in this era than at the time. But even then, the debate about sexism in games was enthusiastic, and partly because of the zeitgeist, the trailer got a lot of attention.

But that wasn’t the moment Cyberpunk 2077 I took off. at that time, The witcher 3 It hasn’t come out yet. There was a small delegation of people who really love CD Projekt, but it wasn’t like it is now.So the main factor that merged into this perfect storm is The witcher 3 CD Projekt has arrived, like the “gamer developers” who have released 30 hours of DLC episodes without microtransactions and are connected to GOG’s DRM free store. There is no doubt about it. ” And in addition to that, we have reached the moment of Keanu Reeves. This was just the perfect time. I don’t think CD Projekt knew it would happen. I think Keanu Reeves has just been added. When his star rose again, he had that super-viral, zeitgeist “breathtaking” moment at E3. And that was it. That was the spark that blew up the entire barrel.

Fahei: From there, everything turned yellow. cyber punk The logo, and it makes me vomit.I’m very tired of seeing yellow cyber punk Thing. I was caught up in the Keanu pandemic. I was excited about him. As Ash said, he’s happy to see.

Ash: He’s just a cool, cool guy. He is one of those who will seriously damage your human thoughts if something comes up about what he really hated.

Nathan: It’s really interesting in itself, isn’t it? He is not the person you generally associate with big action video games. So, on the other hand, you have this big action game. Based on what has been shown so far, it will feel a bit typical. But you also have this very atypical person. Despite his persona, this guy who became an action movie star doesn’t seem to fit it at all. But in other words, he is like the person at that time. He is the man of our present age who wants our celebrities to be bigger and more realistic than life.

Fahei: He is perfect for cyber punk game.He starred Johnny Monic, One of the biggest cyberpunk movies ever.He matrix..He Bill and Ted’s Adventure Cyberpunk Adventure.. And he was in … what was it?

Ash: Scanner Darkly..

Fahei: Walk to Remember, Yes.

Nathan: Oh yeah, he played Jesus in the movie.It’s a good joke if you know what Walk to Remember It was about.

But anyway, I think there are a lot of subtleties that CD Projekt has done to bring hype to court, which is good for them and insane for everyone. I think they soon knew there was a huge game in their hands, so they started all these events and things. They have an ongoing Night City Wire series, which is basically Twitch’s long infomercial. There is also a cosplay contest for this game, but it hasn’t been released yet. They have reached this point where people are hyped on the one hand, but on the other hand they already have built-in brand loyalty.They are fans of cyber punk To identity.And that’s what you get, for example, if someone says something potentially negative about the game, people just go crazy, or an army of people who want to protect the crunch or Transphobia Tweet, This is also just ridiculous.

Fahei: I’m the one who played cyber punk In the olden days, it was a pen and paper role-playing game. And now I’m completely fed up with it. It’s always on my face, so I’ve been put off on what I love. It used to be a bit of a niche.

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