Cyberpunk 2077: How to get a refund (try it)

After years of anticipation, the release of Cyberpunk 2077 has been plagued by bugs ranging from funny graphics glitches to game-breaking crashes. Most of these occur on PS4 and Xbox One players, so CD Projekt Red suggested that players who are dissatisfied with the game should seek a refund.

However, depending on your country of residence and where you purchased the game, this may not be the easiest task. In a tweet, CD Projekt Red acknowledged that the game had performance issues with PS4 and Xbox One and recommended that they ask for a refund at POS. “For digitally purchased copies, please use the PSN or Xbox refund system respectively. For the box version, try getting a refund at the store where you first purchased the game.”

As Lifehacker reports, online retailers like Amazon and Walmart have extended their vacation returns. This may be a bonus for the unfortunate Cyberpunk 2077 player. However, digital store fronts such as Steam, PSN Stores, and Microsoft Stores often have more restrictive refund policies.

Customers have reportedly been successful in getting refunds from both Sony and Microsoft, but some players had to spend more than an hour on the PlayStation support line to get refunds. PC players who are dissatisfied with the performance of their games on their computer can submit a refund request via Steam even if their gameplay exceeds the two-hour limit. Refunds are also available on CD Projekt’s GOG platform.

Receiving a refund from a physical store can be more difficult depending on individual store policies, but reports from Australia show that customer protection qualifies players for a refund if the game is broken or buggy. Is explicitly given.

With all these refund methods, it’s worth mentioning game crashes and game-breaking bugs in your refund request, just as you would when returning defective hardware. If all else fails, CD Projekt Red has set up a dedicated email address,, for players seeking assistance with game refunds.

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