Cyberpunk 2077 is better than you think and CD Projekt is worse

Cyberpunk 2077 – Was it misrepresented? (Photo: CD Projekt)

One reader shouldn’t be surprised by the Cyberpunk 2077 bug, suggesting that despite the challenges, it’s still a great game.

I just wanted to provide some (many?) Balanced words to help players fix the unfortunate amount of negative press around Cyberpunk 2077, the game they currently hate.

I will tell you this soon. What I don’t do is protect the CD Projekt Red. Before, during, and after the release, there were lies, deceptions, mishandling, not only shooting myself with one or both legs, but also having no visible prosthesis and amputating both legs with no way to stop bleeding.

In fact, what surprised me about the company was that they had been captured as saints by gamers in the first place. They aren’t really-not even close. They are always obsessed with the usual suspicious game developer business practices, such as forcing employees to over-crunch or promising to “patch later” games that weren’t sophisticated at launch. I am. Way of thinking. They aren’t heroes, and frankly, I’m pretty skeptical of anyone they’ve ever thought of.

What’s still annoying to me is that Cyberpunk 2077 can be very hyped, but many gamers are clearly less than ideal. I didn’t know the fact that Despite the track record of CD Projekt, I was surprised at this situation. It shows a problem I’ve become more and more aware of: Despite the fact that the Internet and many of its search engines make it easy, people (not just gamers) haven’t done any research. It’s a story that unfolds over and over again, paying attention to the comment section of popular game sites.

For all gamers who were really surprised that Cyberpunk 2077 started in a buggy / classy / lag state on the console (and of course, “The appearance of saved files larger than 8MB gets corrupted on the PC and loses progress” May ”:

When The Witcher 3 was launched on the PlayStation 4 in 2015, it wasn’t as technically sophisticated as it should be. There was a strange animation bug on a regular basis, operation Sections (ie Roach) were less controllable than they are today, frame rates could very easily fall below 30 fps (as well as Novigrad and Crookback Bog), and crashes were half-frequency.

I know this because I bought the game at launch and experienced it all myself. Are you familiar with my explanation? Sounds good. The Witcher 3 has been loved as a matter of course these days, but it was basically released in the same condition as Cyberpunk 2077. If someone has a disc version and wants to see this, uninstall the game and then reinstall it without patches to get version 1.00.

Looking back at the history of CD Projekt, the first two Witcher games are said to have been released by countless different people on the internet, even in buggy states, only after multiple patches (and I’m right). Remember, did the actual re-release The Witcher 2) play to the level you needed at launch?

Doing any number of simple Google (or your favorite search engine) searches will quickly reveal the information from the last few years and prove these points. That’s why we have them, right? However, from the reaction of some gamers, they were clearly trying to buy Cyberpunk 2077, hoping for a perfect, bug-free experience. It’s an unreasonable expectation that, in addition to hype, isn’t properly softened by the facts, it’s always a recipe for disaster and disappointment, and that’s exactly what’s happening.

Sadly, this is the same as for CD Projekt. A quick glance at their history reveals that the company has been mismanaged for years. They hire talented people, but then work them too hard. That is why the employee turnover rate is high. Take a look at Glassdoor’s negative reviews and get a feel for it. Their game is very (too?) Ambitious, suffers from feature creep, and has development problems.

They always start the game with bugs / crashes / poor performance first-the phrase is “insufficiently optimized”. This information can be easily found by people. Buyers need to do their homework before buying anything, even if it came out years ago, to see if it works for them and makes a decent purchase worth it. I think there is. .. Otherwise, the anger at the product they dislike is not only the manufacturer, but their partial anger at blindly buying it.

With all this in mind, I’m surprised that many are surprised that the Cyberpunk 2077 was released in that state. Again, I’m not an advocate for CD Projekt. It’s the way they do business, and I don’t think it will change anytime soon. A minimum of simple online surveys can reveal this.

People who shed blood online and say stupid things like “Cyberpunk 2077 broke me” and “CDPR should be burned at the stake” need to check the reality. Remember, this is a video game. Sending murder threats and talking about the company online on Smack spreads more hatred (that is, becomes part of the problem), and worse, gamers as a whole have impulse control. It looks like a very poorly qualified and whimsical group of madness. Again, I’m not an advocate for CD Projekt, they acted shamefully. But all the hype backlash and review bombing against Metacritic only exacerbates the bad situation.

The problem is that the game is great for my money. No, I don’t want to get a refund. I knew there was a release date issue with this, so I just wanted to play it. Both eyes were open. Find out why we’ve collected so many positive reviews from game sites of all sizes. I haven’t reinvented the sandbox role-playing wheel, but some people have come to believe it, it’s a world that isn’t technically sophisticated, but it’s a very immersive world.

Yes, artificial intelligence is sometimes a joke (especially for police), driving is often an uncontrollable mess, and arguably the skill tree / craft system is very imbalanced and ridiculously exploitable, but you do. Only if you choose to play them that way. As a record, these are design flaws, not bugs. This is because some gamers use the word as a generic term for “what you don’t like in this game.”

Underneath design flaws and bugs / glitches is a large, beautiful, immersive, detailed world that I personally call “another mission” every time I pick up a controller. .. One hour is 3-4 and suddenly it’s 2:00 am. I barely touched on the main story, roaming the night city and getting caught up in the misfortune of countless side quests. Release a patient accidentally imprisoned in a mental hospital, assassinate a nightclub owner who was exploiting immigrants as a slave, sneak into an executive’s computer and hack, turning some of the chemicals into drug dealers A lab in a shaded motel that spewed on companies by revealing that it was selling and destroyed the meta (probably the last two were related) – does this still sound fun?

At its best, I saw a mature hybrid of Deus Ex and Skyrim, dare to say, GTA (obviously in a story that ran better than driving), for some reason-at least for me-the sum. More than all these parts. I can’t remember the last two weeks I was absorbed in the game for 50 hours and won some trophies in a short amount of time. Until the game was released, the PlayStation 4 was just collecting dust, except for Bloodborne’s weird run. Anyways.

For those who always think of TL; DR and skip to the end, I summarize it. Yes, CD Projekt is not a good company when it comes to management. If you do your homework, they never did. Games before The Witcher 3 didn’t get much attention, so I think they stopped it in the past. However, throwing Cyberpunk 2077 itself into the trash (without playing it in particular), as evidenced by some online user reviews and comments, stands at a moral height in doing so. It’s ridiculous to pretend. Talented people, such as artists, coders, storywriters, and all those who work properly, feel sick, even though it’s not really their fault. Their work is shining and for me at least it makes the game a success despite its flaws.

Oh, some of the glitches are hilarious if I’m completely honest. A car suspended in the air high enough to park your car underneath, a trashy street punk sitting in a crate, only legs and head sticking out, V trying to throw himself on the ground But suddenly fired without warning, as she accidentally became a base jumper, fast backwards and upwards. After many failed missions, these little things may be able to laugh out loud and provide the long-awaited comic relief.

I see a lot of good things in this game, and if you look under bugs and online anger, you can. Or you are reading this (if you really are still reading) and you already know.

Anyway, I feel like I’ve walked around enough. I just wanted to tell the gamers who listened to me all together. “Calm down, this year was a crazy year. Don’t bother with the game.” Merry Christmas and this will be a much more unpleasant 2021!

Gary Diamond by Reader

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Cyberpunk 2077 is better than you think and CD Projekt are worse – Reader’s Feature

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