Cyberpunk 2077 is still trying to fix the cop with the latest patch

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screenshot: CD Projekt Red

There is a fix Cyberpunk 2077 On PC, console, Stadia.Following the game 1.2 patch, Hotfix 1.21 addresses quest bugs, some UI issues, and game police spawns.

Today’s Patch notes include Its developer CD Projekt Red has “Fixed an issue where NCPD cop spawned behind the player’s back after the player committed a crime on the roof of a building.” Police action complained about the appearance of cop in the game out of nowhere. Has become the focus of disappointed players.Patch 1.2 was an effort to enable police spawning More naturalOr at least less The cop appears out of the thin air, but the player I still have a problem..

Other fixes in the patch address quest-specific bugs, along with a horrifyingly interesting note that “fixed Johnny’s appearance in various quests.” CDPR is also writing it “The scan UI is clean.And “Various memory management improvements (reducing the number of crashes)” have been added. PS4 specific tweaks have been made, “players will be able to select stickers in photo mode using the Japanese version of the game’s circle button,” Stadia’s tweaks said, “Mikoshi Bridge graphic issues. Has been fixed in some ways. Beast belly / change.. “

Adam Kiciński, President and Co-CEO of CD Projekt Red, recently Said Reuters Sony has been working on improving the game, which has a lot of bugs and performance issues since its launch in December 2020. Removed from PlayStation store.. At the call of investors in late March, the game “CDPR”CloserReturn to the console. With that same call CDPR seems to have canceled the proposed multiplayer element of the gameHe said he is shifting his focus to “someday introducing online to all franchises.”

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