Cyberpunk 2077 offers more story choices than it looks

Cyberpunk 2077 It feels more like a rail-riding action than a role-playing game. If you don’t look carefully, you may not be able to say it’s an RPG at all. Online players are criticizing the game for its limited roleplay options, especially when it comes to talking to people around the world. This effect is even worse if you haven’t talked to other players about your running. Even if the game offers conversational options early on, the choices don’t seem to make sense, whether it’s for a new fixer or an intriguing femme fatale.

that is Cyberpunk 2077 The selection process is different. Much more opaque than other RPGs. Take one of the earliest missions in the game, where V needs to win valuable cargo for robbery.

Early on, I realized I couldn’t determine who V was. Instead, she is the power given to the world, and I can string her only when she tears her way through all the scenarios. V is always reckless, resolute, ironic and violent.

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for the first 10 hours of Cyberpunk 2077.]

But when I started talking to my friends about how our run was going, I realized that things were very different. In one mission, he formed an alliance with the influence of an outside company that provided the hacked payment card and prepared for the exact same mission as a friend. When I started trading with murderer gangsters, I focused on soothing them at any cost, with the intention of tipping to help my new Corp friends. My allies panicked and her company, decorated like an army, raided the base and I had to flee with the gang. The surgery became so sour that my ally was fired and the man she carried in the trunk thanked me for help.

A friend of mine proceeded with tense negotiations in another way. He was able to make the same deal, but when he started talking to Whirlpools, he turned them on violently. He realized that the supposedly dead gangster boss was actually just a prisoner of war. He regained his boss’s leadership, killed a start-up company, and later connected with a company agent in a motel room.

It’s a cluster of influential results. Our night city experience is now distinctly different. It feels like you’ve finished a big quest hub in a BioWare game, except for selecting allies and actions from a very clear set of dialog trees. Here is the approach we took. The blue dialog options can affect things, and if you skip them or choose either one, you may come back and bite later.

Image: CD Projekt Red

In one quest, you will be asked to check in to Barry, a former police officer of your neighbor. My buddy chose the right conversation option, and Barry opened the door to him. I tried to be delicate and avoided asking questions in favor of a more polite and distant approach. The next time I went to investigate Barry, it was clear that he had taken a terrible path in response to his sorrow.

He then confronted his father and son duo, who had a terrible braindance video. The conversation could have proceeded according to the script, but if you shoot your father or son and break the script, you will have a unique conversation that begins with the survivors. Open world people are very two-dimensional, but mission characters can react with a little more nuance.

Not surprisingly, players are confused about the options available in the game. Cyberpunk 2077 Is a rough launch, and it’s clear that most games like the system of sin and punishment simply don’t work as expected. The game also throws you some red herring. Early on, Femme Fatale’s Evelyn Parker asks the new fixer Dexter Deshawn if he wants to rob him. There are several options, but the biggest difference between them is that the rate of robbery can be further reduced. If you’re just trying to stop your playthrough, it can seem stuffy and restricted, especially because of the rough shape of the game.I noticed just by talking to my friends Cyberpunk 2077 There was an intriguing branch.

The dialogue tree is valuable even if it has no long-term effect, as players can make decisions about their character. Even relatively static Vs can come across as cruel, mercenary, or relatively professional and compassionate to those in need, depending on how the conversation is navigated. This is a clear way for players to instantly influence and role play.

However, long-term story differences tend to be due to actions rather than words. It’s an organic system, and it feels great if you can tell it’s working and understand the game feedback.

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