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Then delete the copyrighted song.

CD Projekt has issued a patch to Cyberpunk 2077 that modifies brain dance following an epilepsy warning.

This week, reported that the British charity Epilepsy Action requested an urgent update to Cyberpunk 2077 in response to a warning that the game could trigger epilepsy patients.

The CD Projekt RPG is a high-profile PSA article published by Game Informer based on a pre-release copy of the game, branded as a potential risk of epilepsy.

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A reviewer of that website who had previously experienced a seizure while playing other video games said that Cyberpunk 2077’s clubs and bars are “dangerous zones” and around the Keanu Reeves character Johnny Silverhand He said the flickering “glitch” effect is noteworthy.

Next, a specific warning was issued for the sequence the player sees as they enter the braindance. Here, the character wears a visor and quickly flashes a sequence of bright lights into his eyes for about 5 seconds.

Overnight, CD Projekt published a significant 17.684GB patch for the PlayStation console and PC (coming soon on the Xbox). This modifies the blinking effect of brain dance to reduce the risk of inducing epileptic symptoms. According to CD Projekt, the effect was smoother and the frequency and magnitude of flashes was reduced.

Also this week, CD Projekt announced that Cyberpunk has a special mode that allows streamers to broadcast gameplay without fear of piracy. Unfortunately, some songs slipped through the gap and CD Projekt had to ask the streamers to turn off the audio for those particular scenes.

To address this, the patch also removes copyrighted songs that are “accidentally” present in the game, with the “Disable Copyrighted Music” feature turned on. To do.

Elsewhere, the patch makes some bug fixes, and on the visual side of things, it reduces pop-ins in the appearance of the vehicle and reduces the problem of missing animations from important quest NPCs during cinematics. According to CD Projekt, the patch also improves stability, including various crash fixes. Given the buggy Cyberpunk 2077 on the market, this is all welcome.

Cyberpunk 2077 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is particularly annoying, and the patch has some console-specific improvements. For example, CD Projekt improves reflection quality on Xbox One and PS4 to “eliminate the effects of dirt.”

The following video shows an analysis by Digital Foundry of Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4 and PS4 Pro.

The full patch notes can be found on the Cyberpunk website.


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