Cyberpunk 2077 player says refunds are offered

Released last week in a fairly rough state, Cyberpunk 2077 is especially true for the final generation consoles. The PS4 player ran into issues with full on crash, crawl frame rate, very low quality textures and character models. These issues are so serious that Sony allows refunds to anyone who actually buys a digital copy.

As VGC discovered, Reddit users of cyberpunk pages report that they will receive a full refund of the digital version of the game, even if they exceed the normally forced maximum play time of 2 hours. There is no quick and easy way to do this. You need to call PlayStation Customer Service. One user said Sony itself was complaining to CD Projekt Red about the gaming issue.

Unfortunately, not all regions have their own customer support hotlines, which can make it difficult to get a refund if you are not in the United States. Not everyone who called has offered a refund.

If you’re playing on Xbox One and have problems, it may be worth contacting Microsoft as well. One Reddit user added that Microsoft understands their concerns and also offers refunds. PC player issues are minor, but they are still widespread and you can request a refund on Steam.

Cyberpunk 2077 now works on the new PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S with backward compatibility with the latest version. A complete next-generation version is also available. We hope this will solve some of the biggest problems that currently plague the game. However, if you are using an older system, you should cross your fingers and expect to be able to fix the game with CD Projekt Red if you don’t want a refund.

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