Cyberpunk 2077 PSA: Get Double Jump Cyberware, Not Charge Jump

Cyberpunk 2077 is a huge game, and what makes Night City so attractive is the number of options it has to go through many of its missions. As you navigate through the territory of gangsters, corps, or other enemies, you can shoot guns, choose a more stealth approach, or talk about how to get out of conflict. With more options, you can adapt the Cyberpunk 2077 to your playing style.

Apart from the character attributes you choose to invest in, one of the best ways to unlock your new path yourself is to use cyberware. These are cybernetic enhancements that you can install on your body, enhancing your strength, vision, hacking abilities and more. But even if you ignore everything else, there is one cyberware you should definitely get. This will change the way Cyberpunk 2077 is played, opening up many possibilities, from approaching missions to avoiding missions. world.

That cyberware Strengthening tendon upgrade For your feet, and it unlocks a very useful ability: Double jump..

Why you need a double jump

Many video games provide the ability to double jump. Jump once and then jump again in the air. But in Cyberpunk 2077, Double Jump is a complete game changer. With this ability, you can reach new heights in places that are already very vertical cities. Most of the missions you play, including all kinds of action components, usually go into a hostile area full of enemies and let you decide how you want to cross that area. Usually your choice is to go stealth or fight your way, but you’re stuck on the ground and meet your enemies wherever you are.

With double jumps, you can suddenly reach rooftops, high shelves, and open windows. In many cases, you can jump straight over the fence or evade the enemy’s defenses. You can overcome patrol of the bad guys and investigate their patterns, or simply bypass them altogether.Double jump opens Huge The number of alternative paths that Cyberpunk 2077 can’t otherwise get-in fact, without an upgrade, you might not even know that those paths exist. Double jumps are especially useful if you plan to become a stealth mercenary who prefers to sneak past conflicts or kill prey without being seen. Routes that can be accessed by jumping over defenses or jumping to the rooftop are sneakly easier and often much more effective.

You can also double jump to get out of many bad situations. If you accidentally get lost in the gang’s territory or get too close to a criminal engaged in illegal activity, the fighting can be triggered, but double jumps usually jump out of the area with high tails, etc. You can bounce off ruined obstacles with this method. You can also jump over roads to avoid traffic or cross the tops of some buildings to reduce travel time when trying to navigate Night City. Double jumps make almost everything easier and more efficient, and once you get it, you can save a lot of time.

How to get a double jump

You can get Mario-like jumping features from many places in Night City, but at a cost. Most Ripperdocs (doctors selling cyberware) offer strengthening tendon enhancements (easiest to find from Vik, the first Ripperdoc encountered in the story). The problem is cost. To buy chrome, you need about € 45,000 (or “vortex”).

This is a lot of money, especially early in the game, but it’s definitely worth the investment. But making money can be difficult. The best way is to complete certain side gigs such as Cyberpsycho Hunts and Epistrophy quest lines while at the same time getting almost everything you can find in the game. Check out our guide to making money in Night City for some useful shortcuts to raising a whirlpool.

It may take some time to open up the double jump ability, but I’m glad I did. The extra verticality allows you to explore parts of the night city that you wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to see.

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