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Following the acclaimed The Witcher 3 is no easy task. Combined with expectations for one of the most anticipated titles of this generation, Cyberpunk 2077 struggled to face at best. CD PROJEKT RED aims to bring the brilliance and awe of The Witcher 3’s open world to a larger and spectacular stand with cyberpunk aesthetics, cutting-edge shooting, and interesting character and story casts. .. Does it meet the high expectations of many?

Frankly, it’s not.

Cyberpunk 2077 Review

Before jumping into the main points of the review, I would like to make it completely clear that this review is based entirely on the experience of playing on the PlayStation 5. Game performance typically varies from platform to platform, but the difference is rare. It’s huge like Cyberpunk 2077. I played the game easily on PlayStation 4, but I know I don’t want to play it anymore. This game cannot be played on PlayStation 4 Pro. In my opinion, it shouldn’t have been sold in its current state. Playing on the PlayStation 5 isn’t without problems, but if you have the patience to bear your stomach, there are diamonds in the rough.

Do not buy Cyberpunk 2077 on other platforms based on this review. Hell, if you haven’t bought the game yet, don’t buy it. It will take several months to complete.

The story begins with creating your own version of V, the protagonist of the game, which takes different forms depending on the choices you make throughout your adventure in Night City. After a short but valuable character creation suite (which allows you to change the visuals of hair, genitals, gender, voice, and cyberpunk), choose your life’s career path, ideals, and goals. There are three options: Street Kid, Corp, and Nomad.

I stuck with Nomad for the main playthrough. The notion of unity and family coming first is something I admire, and despite V being a terrorist, murderer, and thief, I wanted to take a “good guy” approach. The career path you choose is a very important part of the role you play. The first few hours are unique based on the choice of three different carriers. Some are far more exciting and detailed than others, but they all provide enough stories and characters to help players understand the background, goals, and desires of each version of V. The impact of this choice is often diminished, but it is part of the game and, as it progresses, unleashes unique dialogue options and opportunities for relationships.

After finishing the nomadic lifestyle introduction (which is quite unfortunately bland compared to the other two), I set foot in Night City. This vast metropolis on the horizon is a city that has been ruined by corporate greed and lawlessness, run by corrupt people, and afflicted by many. This first moment, the first introduction to Night City, is arguably one of the best moments in the game as a whole.

CD PROJEKT RED has done a great job in building cyberpunk visuals and the world. The streets are lined with pulsing neon lights, changing, enhancing and customizing everyone you encounter, and every vehicle is flooded with changes and technical upgrades. All areas of Cyberpunk 2077, all streets, and all back alleys are a visual feast to explore. However, the feast may also appear to belong to the PlayStation 3 era. From dark alleys full of drug addicts and unwanted people to bustling markets that trade everything from old CDs to black market entertainment, Cyberpunk 2077 is an absolute pleasure to experience on its surface. At least at first.

Scratching under the surface, what looks like a bustling cyberpunk world quickly becomes a highly scripted and often nastyly designed mess. With every detail, every realistic animation, and every single effort the developer has made to immerse the player in this environment, there are 12 issues that undermine everything. A character floating from the floor, a character sitting in a non-existent chair, a character standing in a T pose, a character disappearing from the floor or flying up into the sky. The game crashes regularly and the missions are buggy and slow down. Cyberpunk 2077 is buggy, unfinished, and frankly an embarrassing mess.

But I can’t deny that I absolutely loved this game and had a lot of fun playing it for 45 hours. Alongside this same score, I would first criticize the review that covered that last paragraph. Even if I write this now, it feels strange. Cyberpunk works as intended, and when it flows, it combines the best storytelling, the best character design, and the best creative direction you’ve seen in open world games for a long time. Yes, it’s broken, buggy, confusing, and not suitable for everyone in its current state. But with patience, it’s still a dark, gritty, and rewarding adventure into the dubious underground world of cyberpunk universe.

Cyberpunk 2077 is wrestling with the surface elements of the game, usually the top layer of cake icing. Despite these obvious flaws that are obvious wherever you go, there are many features and systems that work very perfectly, which also makes you forget you are playing such a confusing game. I will.

Combat is great, combining action-packed first-person shooters with a detailed and highly rewarding character customization and progress system. This is very difficult in settings other than cyberpunk. Shooting is fluid, fast, and impactful. Feel the bass of each bullet, each hit, and each drop in a great battle with the soundtrack. You can rush into the room and wipe out a group of enemies with a cybernetically embedded mini-rocket launcher built into your wrist, or sit in the opposite building. Manipulate technical equipment in and around the room to create detours, force enemies to attack, and remotely explode one of your grenades.

Cyberpunk 2077 combines Assassin’s Creed’s freedom of approach with multiple angles of attack on almost every mission, and the futuristic-style technology of Watch Dogs games, where V controls the device and controls the security camera. I will be able to do it. It’s this different style of approach that keeps the game fresh from start to finish.

I’ve spent a lot of time on a run-and-gun style approach to combat, but there’s a huge character progression system that initially felt a bit flat and without options. Looking at the six different attributes and the long list of associated unlocking perks, many of them felt like fluff. It consisted of minor improvements and passive upgrades, and nothing really captured my imagination. Hours after exploring Night City, completing side jobs, and hunting down gang members, the system began to expand at a pace I hadn’t expected.

Building anything shop is very optional, but it’s the least rewarding and least exciting on long shots. My first character design was a small blend of stealth and gunplay, but as I explored more areas of Night City and got more items to use and upgrade, I got more character progression systems, cybernetic fixes, and gun weapons. You’ve noticed the harmony of the equipment you can find. Each fits into a particular build, like a carefully constructed puzzle. It’s hard to see at first, but when you start sliding it really starts to shine.

Cyberpunk 2077 manages to deliver in areas where many games are not available. It’s about rewarding players. Sounds easy, but have you spent years wiping out Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry’s enemy camp, leaving behind a sneaky reward that wasn’t worth the time? All the activities and all the distractions of Cyberpunk 2077 were rewarding. The item system is vast, with a wide variety of weapons, rarities and crafting options. It’s very fun. I’ve completed the main story and lots of side content, but I don’t even feel that it has hurt the surface of how strong the character is.

One area of ​​Cyberpunk 2077 that works remotely like a traditional AAA experience is the story. It’s not a technically perfect experience, but it’s definitely the strongest area of ​​the game in terms of stability and quality. I won’t go into the details, as there are many people struggling with the current state of the game and progress on other platforms, but it’s great.

V’s journey is very personal to the player. From the experience they have to the friends they make to the enemies they scrape, the main story feels very lively and seamlessly branches into optional content. One particular character, Panam, and another nomad who is having a hard time finding her place in the world, are first introduced in the main story. However, as you progress, additional missions will become available. Further exploring the relationship between V and Panam, she learns about her struggling nomadic family and begins to build bonds between her and her peers. These stories are very emotionally moving and impactful, but they still only serve as optional content and are stories that players can completely miss.

This same narrative style propagates throughout the game, giving players the opportunity to dive into stories that could also serve as the main narrative of other games. Many of Cyberpunk 2077 need serious support, but with their impressive characters and great voice acting, this one area is really good.

Cyberpunk 2077 struggles with a particular design choice, ignoring the many apparently broken stuff that wouldn’t have seen the light of release. Inventory management takes too long. Having to constantly navigate a clunky and unresponsive UI system to dismantle weapons and items becomes uninteresting after the first few hours and quickly wastes frustrating time. You’ve come to the point where you’ve stopped looting basic items.

The main story of Cyberpunk 2077 is well-designed and fluid from start to finish, but it’s often very overwhelming to smell the holographic rose over time. New contacts are always contacting you by phone and unlock jobs for each job. Almost all of the side content we’ve completed so far has been great, but it’s thrown at the player a little too fast.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a great game, but it could have been a great game that defines generations. Instead, it comes at the expense of its own ambitions and the industry’s constant desire to push, push, and push it. In its current state, it’s not for the timid, and even hardcore cyberpunk enthusiasts may struggle to stay interested in all crashes and issues. If you haven’t got it yet, wait a few months. You can fully enjoy the experience we all wanted at the time of launch.

This review of Cyberpunk 2077 was done on the PlayStation 5. A digital code was provided.

Cyberpunk 2077 Review

Following the acclaimed The Witcher 3 is no easy task. Combined with expectations for one of the most anticipated titles of this generation, Cyberpunk 2077 fought a difficult battle.

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