Cyberpunk 2077 Review in progress – endure hype

Cyberpunk 2077 – Keep in mind Keanu Reeves (Photo: CD Project)

Manufacturer The Witcher 3 has finally released the latest game, but how well does this new sci-fi epic live up to expectations?

After years of waiting, with more delay than most video games in modern history, Cyberpunk 2077 is finally here. The game will be released this month for the final generation consoles, but only the PC version was provided in sufficient time to create this ongoing review. I can’t say what that means for the console version yet, but since I’ve been playing the PC version for over 40 hours, I can at least start commenting on it.

Night City, the setting for Cyberpunk 2077, is an overwhelming open world. It is mankind’s worst giant and vast acupoint, trapped in the dystopian metropolis between Blade Runner and Judge Dread. Rather than just becoming a witcher in the science fiction world, Cyberpunk 2077 is a game of a significantly different style. This is primarily because you play from a first-person perspective as an avatar to create, not as an existing character with a predefined personality.

So the first thing to do is to choose the difficulty level from the nomadic, corporate, and street kid choices, and then the life path. Night City has a highly raised class system, represented by a life path, that determines the character’s background and starting situation. My buddies have created Street Kid, a gang member and fixer, but each class is easy to talk to a particular group and has its own dialog options to do so.

Another important factor in character customization is your appearance. There are 42 types of eyes alone, and while it is advisable to cover your face with cosmetic cyberwear, you also have the option of turning on your genital choices and offering all the fluid possibilities of your gender. There is also a pretty stylish lightning pubic hair. .. Once you’ve overcome the initial pleasure of being able to adjust the size of your penis, you might wonder if some of this detail was wasted in first-person games, but long silver claws around the baseball bat. It will be fun to see it being held.

The stats are divided into five categories, with a wide range of satisfying reward systems, grouped into trees associated with each of the game’s main attribute types (body, reflexes, technical ability, intelligence, cool). .. For example, if you take full advantage of the Dazed benefits, you have a 30% chance of astonishing your enemies with each melee attack. You can also set points on Effective Blows to reduce your stamina cost by 50%.

The I Spy perk is very useful as it reveals the enemy netrunner trying to hack you and shuts it down first. The ability to hack a camera, watch enemies carefully, and overheat your brain sounds complicated, but it’s actually a simple and intuitive gameplay mechanism. The more related perks you use, the more you will be ranked by the progress of that skill. With hundreds of perks and the freedom to place points on any of them, you have a wide range of combat options.

The first act of the story is a bit slow, but in the form of Keanu Reeves’ cyberghost character Johnny Silver Hand (strangely, it doesn’t sound or look), put a tip on your shoulder and do the second act. To get started, it’s often very similar to Reeves). He wants to take over your consciousness at first, but when that doesn’t work, he begins to help and becomes an integral part of your inner story.

The main quest line is centered around you trying to resolve the assassination of the boss of the company you are involved in. However, this is where the game begins to deviate from being a true role player. It feels like there aren’t many options for what you can do during a key story mission, and the conversation rarely feels on track. You say what you want to do. There is also a break in the fact that your investigation is implied to be time sensitive, yet you always have to take on a side job for extra money.

The cornerstones of Cyberpunk 2077’s experience are side jobs and gigs. One bartender is working for you because he thinks his wife is having an affair. Follow her through a sequence of film noirs while Johnny Silverhand narrates in her head like a real movie. The other is to take you on a night city tour looking for a rogue AI taxi. This is a clever excuse to get used to the city. The only problem with side quests is that the game doesn’t seem to take into account current stats. This means that some missions will be almost easy if they are suitable for the task.

I’m still not sure how the final generation consoles will handle it, but this is a game to get a new graphics card. Night City is a towering vertical city of architecture that creates dangerous, dark and dirty alleys, but each district is given its own aesthetic, with a clear nod to films such as Blade Runner and Akira. (Dialogue and soundtrack selection) It never feels a derivative.

Combat in the game has always been a concern as CD Projekt Red has no experience in first-person shooters, but with so many special skills and gadgets it doesn’t make sense to compare it to a more dedicated shooter. Hacking and blinding or igniting enemies is often much more effective and entertaining than just shooting, and the controls are fluid enough to use several different hacking techniques during combat. I can do it.

However, there are clear differences in how all different guns are handled, as shotguns provide a very different and satisfying recoil than just swinging a pistol. Feedback isn’t limited to the weapons in your hands, as a destructible environment explodes around you each time a bullet (or rocket) unmarks it.

Cyberpunk 2077 screenshot

Cyberpunk 2077 – Like tears in the rain, all worry about delays is lost (Photo: CD Projekt)

Close quarters is rather more fun, and a simple baseball bat gives you a satisfying weight and crunch. If you still want to use ranged weapons, but are worried that you’re not very good at first-person shooters, smart guns are a handy option. You just have to fire in the right direction vaguely to attack the target.

The script was also a concern for some fans, especially given the rather unpleasant conversations in some trailers. Cyberpunk 2077 certainly doesn’t seem to be as natural as The Witcher, and often gets lost in the cheese of 80’s action movies (still somehow even more abusive), but the game is what you’re talking about. They are not writers who try to make them look degenerate, but people who are working hard.

The limiting choices in story missions look like a big flaw at the moment, but there are other issues. Cyberware is so expensive that you may be prompted to increase your side quests, but I feel like you can’t afford something good. There is also a distinctive disconnect between the appearance of the garment and the degree of protection, and things like athletic shorts have a mysteriously high reputation for armor.

Cyberpunk 2077 is always at risk of style issues rather than substance, and we’ll leave the final decision at a later date. When it comes to environment, character quests, and gameplay options, there are few signs that Projekt CDRed is taking a shortcut.

The best sign of how fun the game is is that it hasn’t even been completed as a street child. Still, I’m looking forward to trying the nomadic life path from the beginning and then the Corp. Cyberpunk 2077 hasn’t been around for a while, but there are signs that it’s worth the wait.

Formats: PC (reviewed), Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, and PlayStation 5
Price: £ 49.99
Publisher: CD Projekt
Developer: CD Projekt Red
Release date: December 10, 2020 (TBA next generation)
Age rating: 18

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Cyberpunk 2077 review in progress – living up to the hype

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