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Cyberpunk 2077 – Finally released (Photo: CD Projekt)

The most anticipated video game of 2020 is finally on sale The Witcher 3 creates a beautiful and ugly sci-fi world.

This is especially strange given that many are convinced that Cyberpunk 2077 will be one of the games of this generation, as No Man’s Sky knows little about such a big game before its release. In our opinion, it’s not that good, but despite its problems (technical and conceptual), it provides a fascinating summary of the last seven years and exciting tips on what to do next. It’s the perfect game to end the generation of. You might expect it in the future.

The strange thing about cyberpunk is that it has been in development for eight years, with few actual previews and only a copy of the console review being sent three days before launch. Most of the technical issues are because the game created the pre-Christmas release date only by tooth skin, so the first day patch wasn’t prepared in time for the review. The coronavirus is clearly due to most of it, but it’s a shame because complaining about bugs is actually interesting and disappointing about cyberpunk.

Cyberpunk is the latest game from The Witcher 3 creator CD Projekt Red, in case you miss a note. The two games have a nominal similarity in that they are both open-world action-role players, but if you don’t know you’re not the same developer, don’t guess the connection. In the first place, the setting is more than a difference in appearance, the world of cyberpunk is much more cynical and exploitative, life is cheap, and there are no heroes at all.

One of the slightly exaggerated differences between the two games is that they don’t play as pre-determined characters in cyberpunk. This is not really true. You can play as a “V” and customize the look to some extent, but it’s not as detailed as Geralt, whether male or female, and has a pre-defined personality and backstory.

At first, this doesn’t seem to be a problem, but until you realize that the disconnect between side missions (usually free to run and act freely) and story missions is getting bigger and bigger. Often you don’t want to select any of the dialog options presented, as it is controlled and it is clear that the illusion of selection is pushing down a preset path.

Most games play existing characters or their own custom avatars, but cyberpunk takes a nasty position between the two, so there doesn’t seem to be any benefit. However, each character type has a different intro, and you have the option to play V as someone in the social elite, someone on the other side of the town, and Mad Max’s lonely person you’ve never been to. Former metropolis.

These first moments are very impressive as the full glory of cyberpunk graphics becomes apparent. I didn’t have time to complete the game on the PS4 Pro, but I found the visuals to be just as impressive with stunning facial animations and a huge open world city.A more violent version of LA in Blade Runner

From the jewelry and cybernetic implants of everyone you meet to the interior of a building filled with antiques that you can pick up and manipulate, the most striking is the level of detail. The map itself isn’t that big, but the density and interactivity of everywhere is much better than the barren open-world maps we’ve seen dozens of times.

The story is divided into several acts, which take some time to prepare at first, but end in an impressive and shocking style. At this point, you’ll find that cyberpunk is a much more action game than previously imagined. So it’s a good job that first person action is very good and far surpasses other first person role players like Fallout.

Cyberpunk 2077 screenshot

Cyberpunk 2077 – Action is great (Photo: CD Projekt)

Gunplay isn’t exactly Destiny-it’s sometimes a bit too flat-but it’s accurate and satisfying, and the vast range of different guns all have different purposes and sensations. Close quarters is also fun, especially considering how difficult it is to determine distance from a first-person perspective. The striking feels heavy and thoughtful, but the streamlined control system allows you to swing your two fists with a baseball bat, a samurai sword, or the same Elan.

This is all fine in any game, but the aesthetics of cyberpunk are at the root of everything. In almost all situations, you can choose from several hacking options, such as blinding your opponent’s cybernetic eyes, firing grenades hanging on your belt, or using them. Background objects from the turret to the barrel of the explosive to assist in combat.

This works just as well when trying to stealth and when the game borrows ideas from previous Watch Dogs titles regarding camera hacking. That way, you can hack other cameras and bead your computer or enemy that you couldn’t do otherwise. can not see. However, stealth is the only action element that feels unfair without any special extensions, especially those that can slow down the time and give you more odds.

I rarely complain mechanically. For straight action games you won’t fly, but gunplay is good but not so good. Not only talking to people, but a wide range of options for every encounter empowers you. A sense of freedom and control.

Cyberpunk is a role-playing game, but it has a crafting system that allows you to work with a fairly standard set of stats and skill trees and use the resources you collect to improve your weapons and equipment. This can feel like a fallout-style garbage collector, as it picks up everything that isn’t tied up, but most people appreciate the additional depth it gives and always weapons if they don’t mind. You can buy or steal it, it’s about as good.

The game fails because of how it tries to combine the elements of action, storytelling, and role-playing. Like The Witcher 3, side quests are often the most enjoyable part, with a wider range of, sometimes less serious objectives, and more time to get to know the different side characters.

However, this non-linear approach implies that the main plot is a very urgent issue, despite wandering most of the time, as well as the more restrictive choices that exist in story missions. It is also in conflict with the fact. A town trying to make enough money to transplant a retractable sword into its arm. This is a problem to some extent in all open world games, but the way the main story is presented seems to make things worse almost intentionally.

In any case, as expected by The Witcher 3 makers, writing is generally very good, and most characters, including V, are far more sympathetic and familiar than the game’s unpleasant marketing imagines. It’s easy.

Curiously, one of the key exceptions is Keanu Reeves’ CyberGhost character. This character is quite uncomfortable on paper and can only be tolerated by Reeves’ performance. Nevertheless, he is a welcome addition to the game. His constant jive and unnecessary advice provide a different perspective for each encounter, ensuring that V always has a conversation partner.

However, there is a problem with Night City itself. Night City itself is portrayed as a dystopian nightmare, dominated by companies that encourage capricious consumerism and the spirit of dog-eating dogs. Everything can be bought for a price, but human life is still of little value. It’s heavy in theory, but most of the time you’ll come across something like Grand Theft Auto without satire.

Rather than thoughtful sci-fi, the tones of the game are often derogatory and offensive. It’s as if CD Projekt had 15-year-olds design all the overly sexual advertising and body horror gloss and leave it to adults. Dialogue.

Cyberpunk 2077 – Johnny Silverhand is not a very good person (Photo: CD Projekt)

There is a lot of controversy about portraying transgender characters on CD Projekt, and given the apparent lack of a transgender main character, it’s hard to agree with those who complain about the fetish posters scattered throughout the city. is. In particular, the character creator gives you genital choices, but you cannot choose gender. This has to do with the seemingly arbitrary choice of whether the voice is masculine or feminine.

CD Projekt has taken up this subject, but while these aren’t standard options for all character creators, it’s undeniable that they don’t want to address transgender issues from a storytelling perspective. It seems that it is being abused. Also, if you’re already frowned upon how Voodoo Boy is portrayed in one of the pre-release gameplay videos, the situation hasn’t changed in the final game, and other non-white characters. Also note that it is worrisomely drawn in stereotype. Manners.

The final question is that V’s personal story is compelling, but exploring the traditional cyberpunk themes of transhumanism and identity makes criticisms of business and capitalism mysteriously irritating. Is to come across.Probably CD Projekt is embarrassing They have been accused of being forced to work overtime and abusing their workforce, but it’s a shame that the game can be very interesting on some themes and very timid on other themes. is.

No matter what else you say about it, cyberpunk is an amazing technological achievement. Even if it takes time to resolve all the bugs (the Witcher 3 wasn’t completely bug-free at launch). From a design standpoint, cyberpunk is one of the best open world environments I’ve ever seen, and its action is better than any other game. Side missions are a great combination of inspirational, thrilling, and totally weird stuff.

The problem with the game is that there isn’t a strong enough story to connect everything. One is a linear adventure with little control over fate, and the other is a much more interesting open world exploration game where you can say whatever you want to do.

Perhaps future DLC can more convincingly blend these two different parts and reduce the more offensive elements, but despite that problem, cyberpunk is still the best game of the year. It is one and is sure to remain relevant to the next generation.

Cyberpunk 2077 Review Summary

in short: A surprising achievement in open-world gameplay, its timbral discrepancies and weak narratives undermine what may have been a classic.

Pros: An incredibly detailed game world full of choices and results. Great combat and stealth for action role players. It generally has a good script and a good voice actor. Great graphics.

Cons: Disadvantages: Most of the ideas have been played in various similar games before and are more stereotyped than the ones first displayed. Story missions have no meaningful choices and the tone can often be offensive.

Score: 8/10

Format: PC (reviewed), Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 5, Stadia
Price: £ 49.99
Publisher: CD Projekt
Developer: CD Projekt Red
Release date: December 10, 2020 (next generation TBA)
Age rating: 18

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Cyberpunk 2077 review – surviving the future

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