Cyberpunk 2077

Ripperdocs, rockerboys, braindances, screamsheets. High riders, hot dogs, hydro. Eddy and gonks, cheongba and rollers. Edge runners, Jains, and Yinling.This is the slang that can be seen through Cyberpunk 2077, A new game on CD Projekt Red. The setting is Night City. A bright steel and smog babel on the brink of the Pacific Ocean under the blazing sun.We are far from fertile hills and forests The witcher, A series that made CD Projekt Red what Night City citizens might call Megacorp. Still, here again, the spell remains the same in the metal head, net pig and ICE.

No other developer is good at adapting the work of a writer by wrangling the vision of a fully formed page and coding them into colors and formats. If this counts as a lack of imagination (the studio hasn’t reminded us of fiction from the beginning), it’s more than compensated by the airtight seal of the world. The source here is cyberpunk (and its later editions, cyberpunk 2020 and cyberpunk red). This is a tabletop role-playing game written by term-rich Mike Pondsmith. When I first stopped by Night City, I remembered Anthony Burgess’s dystopia, A Clockwork Orange. A Russian dialect called Nadsat was spiked and trapped in a landscape of despair.As in the case of The witcher 3Early time — with a slow explanation of the name storm and local issues — Cyberpunk 2077 It feels like a wild hunt on a scaffold. You’re plunging into that streetspeak stab and stringing on the theme of cyber history.

This can generate a muffled proposal. A fascinating fantasy behind a crunchy mythical firewall. I’m happy to say that’s not the case. As one character thinks, “perhaps only true outsiders can understand the beauty of its fractal architecture.” In other words, “don’t worry about reading. Available 3 Played as one of the life paths, Corp., the others were Nomad and Street Kid. At Arasaka Corporation’s headquarters, the bruise begins at a bruised rain-gray fortress that houses a cramped office comb. The protagonist is V if such words can survive in such a place. My V is suspicious, wearing a black suit, plunging into a sink, staring into the mirror. I started my adventure in the bathroom. Something big was about to fall, and this was a source of trouble before the storm.

Sure enough, after stuffing champagne in a flying car, a moment like the opening BioShockThe descending bathysphere and its mysterious city are infused with sarcastic dry fizz. V falls from elegance to the vibrant sawn below. A six-month montage of crime and misdemeanor establishes us in his new serious criminal routine, and we are thrown into the streets. It’s a fascinating metropolis and one of the great cities in the game. On foot, trapped in a first-person camera, add a few volts of dizziness when turning your head up to capture the fragments of the sky between the buildings. When you are driving (unfortunately all playable vehicles are tied to Earth), you can pull back to a third party, and I recommend doing so. It’s the best way to absorb the mood of the neon beat and the polluted downpour of slashes.

Indeed, mood, and the depth of your submersion, are the most important parts of Cyberpunk 2077.. If you look back after you’ve done that, you’ll notice the thinness of the plot. It’s a coiled, corporate event that burns into the concept of revolution and is vaguely thirsty because it’s notorious for V. Much more attractive are people at the ground level. Both a friend who rings the phone regularly and a repairman who provides the job. These include theft, cyber attacks, protection, street racing, assassinations and more. The map is littered with lots of interesting points, but the most interesting and most powerful draws of the game are the choice of style and strategy at your disposal.

the same as Deus Ex: Human Division— The game that CD Projekt Red owes a lot — Stealth, shooting, and hacking are all viable options, and there are also body modifications that completely port new gifts. For example, take a mantis blade. A pair of sparkling spring-loaded knives that are neatly folded into the flesh of the V’s forearm. It’s useful in combat situations, but the things you pray for don’t accidentally come off in your bedroom. I was reassured to know that CD Projekt had borrowed from Soliton Radar for stealth (a sneak and tidy brand in sight). Metal Gear Solid, Equipped with enemy vision cones. On the other hand, shooting has a compelling crunch.the same as Human divisionNot all playstyles are vibrant enough to comfortably serve your own game, but they give you the feeling that they’re fun to gel together and don’t feel like they’re spreading thinly.

It is a breach of enemy software that may want additional entities. Depictions of hacking in games are traditionally as dishonest as showing the act of writing in a movie. Rose-colored manuscripts are usually placed on a desk, displaying a snowstorm and blurry keys on the page before they are ready for publication. This should be the same. We don’t want to see the sweaty, coffee-driven truth in our entertainment. Hacking here is a simple sequence of mini-games, and its success depends on the points pooled in different categories, as well as in all play areas. This can be counted as a reverse climax given the subject matter. However, the surrounding texture is sublime. Don’t wait for V to pull the Ethernet cable out of your palm, be aware of the blood-red progress bar and flashing readings that spill over your entire retina. We are in a future where technology is not just taken for granted. It is installed on our body without hitch or itching, buffering the flow of life.

Nothing new for a game, movie, or book, but what’s set Cyberpunk 2077 Apart from that, such a future should appear as very dreamy as it was in the past. Following a failed robbery, V slots an experimental chip behind his ear and then suffers from a digital ghost in Johnny Silverhand. Johnny Silver Hand suffers from the body of Keanu Reeves, who provided motion capture and voiceover. role. I think it’s no exaggeration to say that most of us are okay with this situation. Reeves is one of the few actors whose consciousness can crouch on the skull and the place doesn’t seem crowded. The problem is that Johnny’s personality is overwriting V (not a huge challenge, I have to say). “I’m like a fruit mold … creeping on you,” he says.

Echo is from Johnny Mnemonic, a 1995 film based on the short story of the same name by William Gibson. As a title character, Reeves has information in his head like a human USB stick. Set in 2021, the film now collects thick kitsch coatings and has a line of 90’s charm for its nappe. Cyberpunk 2077: A fascinating chunk of the way the future was imagined at the time. Still a stranger, I found a faint trace of Thomas Pynchon about the game. It’s in the name — V, Johnny Silver Hand, Alto Cunningham, Panam Palmer — it seems to be deliberately bullying on the brink of puns. And with a licorice dash-dark humor; I got a special kick from an AI-controlled taxi. In the middle of the breakdown, he laments, “Shrink hates cars … we don’t have a mother.”In short, if you like your science fiction strange, This is for you. As the story soars (the main quest line runs up to the mark for about 20 hours), V cracks more and more. “It’s literally crazy about me,” he tells the kidnapped bioengineer. “The sign I saw doesn’t have any of them. It’s not in fine print.”

Unfortunately, that emotion is boiling outside the game. Since its release, CD Projekt apologized last week for displaying only gameplay videos captured on next-generation hardware or high-end PCs. Those who bought it on the final generation consoles noticed a slower frame rate and a lot of bugs, especially the rough shape. When played on PlayStation 5, it was deployed at a robust speed of 60 frames per second with few visual glitches. I’ve had three crashes, none of which cost money to progress, thanks to the autosave feature. This is a big shame, with a long development period (announced in 2013) and the long time and life-consuming overtime needed to meet the game deadline. The problematic launch and the crude state of the final generation version aren’t as seriously damaging as artists and developers. Artists and developers can resemble the characters in their work. For non-stop work.

My guess is that then and a series of massive updates will patch the reputation of CD Projekt and cool the conversation around you. Cyberpunk 2077..Whether it or not should Cool is another matter. In the meantime, we have a game like no other.The city playground is plagued by sin Grand Theft Auto (After all, what is Night City, but is it a tech-infested version of Los Santos?), Which lacks the sour pessimism of rock star souls. Here are some debris of hope. “We rely on human factors,” Johnny said, planning to save himself and V. The deepest scene in my memory isn’t a chase, a shootout, or a scene dedicated to a narrow squeak, but a scene with quiet empathy. For example, sift the belongings of a deceased friend. Or the comfort provided by a sex worker who downloads some of V’s ideas and relieves his fears. The moment is a deal, love is not in the air, but you still leave with a lighter spirit. “Emotions are terrible,” says one character. “This is a pure business.” But you don’t believe her. You rely on human factors.

Developer: CD Projekt Red

the publisher: CD project

Available on: PlayStation 5 [reviewed on], PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X, PC, Google Stadia

Release date: December 10, 2020

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