Cyberpunk 2077 romance guide (good endings)

Cyberpunk 2077 is a game all about player choice, and that includes romance options. Aside from one-night stands and hiring prostitutes, there are a handful of more fleshed out characters who you can get to know and, if you play your cards right, you can start a more meaningful relationship with them. Our Cyberpunk 2077 romance guide will walk you through how to romance Judy, Panam, River, Kerry, and Meredith, so you don’t have to worry about whether you’re making any wrong decisions during your journeys.

Spoilers follow, obviously. You’ve been warned.

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Cyberpunk 2077 romance overview

With romance in Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt Red have attempted to offer a more realistic portrayal of love, sex, and relationships than many other RPGs before it. NPCs have their own tastes and preferences just like the player, and only if you are compatible with each other can the spark of romance be lit. These tastes include sexual preferences, which means the player’s choice between male and female V governs which NPCs it is possible to romance.

Long-term relationships very much exist within Cyberpunk 2077, complete with their own quests and side-missions. On the other end of the spectrum, if you desire you can engage in as many one-night stands as you like with various Joytoys you’ll find in Night City. Establishments which offer such services are marked on your in-game map, so you’ll know where to go if you want to engage these Joytoys.

Who can you romance in Cyberpunk 2077?

There are a handful of characters in Cyberpunk 2077 with fully fleshed out side-missions regarding the pursuit of a relationship between themselves and V. Below we’ll walk you through each of these characters and the quests you’ll need to follow in order for romance to spark.

One note about choices and dialogue options: they’re really not very subtle in Cyberpunk 2077. Everything we’ve come across has been extremely common-sense. There will be clear options to bring yourself closer to the romanceable character in question, and clear options to push them away. So you won’t need exact dialogue to achieve your goal, because there are many ways to end up with the person you want. Just look for opportunities to involve them in V’s life, and to make them happy with you.

Judy romance guide

Judy Alvarez is a member of the Moxes gang, and is the best Braindance expert in Night City. You’ll meet her fairly early on in Cyberpunk 2077’s main story, where she helps you through your first Braindance session. To romance her, you’ll need to be female V.

After that, Judy will be pulled back into your story as part of the Automatic Love main quest, which requires you to try and track down Evelyn Parker again. Call her whenever prompted, and you’ll keep the option of romance alive. This quest, once finished, will trigger a new quest, The Space In Between. Likewise, this quest then leads into Disasterpiece, then Double Life. Throughout these quests, just keep Judy in the loop, involve her in the quests as much as possible, and don’t piss her off. Just do what she says.

After this, there’s a more personal line of quests involving Judy, starting with Both Sides Now and ending with Pyramid Song. Two things to watch out for here:

  • At one point you Judy asks you what the plan is for dealing with a certain character: kill them, or spare them. You can ask Judy what she would prefer. Again, just do what she says.
  • During the Pisces quest, your “ally” Maiko will attempt to change the conditions of the plan Judy had formed. Do what Judy says, and when prompted, draw your gun.
    • Note: If you don’t kill Maiko in this scene, Judy will reward you with a kiss on the cheek afterwards. If you do kill Maiko, Judy is too shocked to do anything, and just walks off. Don’t worry though. Let a few days pass, and she’ll call you again. You haven’t damaged your chances with her.

At the end of Pyramid Song, you’ll have the opportunity for things to turn physical. Use the option with the “Touch” prefix. Romantic as hell, right? The next morning, after she asks how you felt about last night, you should respond with “The beginning of something amazing” to start a longer-term relationship with Judy.

Judy romance good ending

There’s been some confusion about how to get the good ending with Judy, rather than the altogether more miserable ones that a great many players seem to be ending up with.

The key decision relates to the big choice you make in the final main quest, and your chosen way of “dealing” with Johnny Silverhand. When the choice arrives, you must let Panam and her family help you against Arasaka, which is only possible if you’ve completed all of Panam’s quests and side jobs before embarking on the final quest. This is the solution to Johnny that allows you to keep V’s body. If you take this path, you’ll be able to continue your romantic relationship with Judy beyond the boundaries of Night City, and things will end on a far more positive note.

A screenshot of Panam Palmer in Cyberpunk 2077.

Panam romance guide

Panam Palmer is an ex-Nomad who you’ll get to know during various quests that take you outside of Night City proper and into the surrounding Badlands. To romance her, you’ll need to be male V.

The main quest associated with Panam’s story is called Ghost Town, and it begins in Act 2 of the game, after you speak with Rogue in the Afterlife bar in your attempts to track down one Anders Hellman. This will lead into Lightning Breaks, and then Riders On The Storm. As with other romance options, everything is fairly straightforward. Don’t push any very obvious wrong buttons, side with her over Saul during your talk in the hut, and you’ll keep the option of romance alive and well.

Pick every “Touch” option you can along the way, and don’t worry if you get rebuffed during the Riders On The Storm quest. This does happen. Continue to side with Panam and pick every “Touch” or “Scrooch Closer” dialogue option possible through the With A Little Help From My Friends and Queen Of The Highway side job quests. In the latter quest, you’ll have the option to kiss her. Hard to miss this, as there’s a big kiss icon next to the right choice. At the end of the quest, you can kiss her again and thank her for being there for you.

Panam romance good ending

If you’re confused about how to get the best possible ending with Panam (including the mid-credits conversations), don’t worry. The solution is exactly the same as the one to make for the good ending with Judy. In the first of the ending missions, when given the choice, you should let Panam and the rest of the Aldecaldos help you. This requires you to have completed every quest involving Panam, all the way up to Queen Of The Highway – which of course you will already have done if you’ve been romancing Panam.

If you pick this option, then you’ll have a lovely epilogue with Panam and the others, and during the credits Panam will call you to let you know that she’ll be late home due to a sandstorm, and that she’s lucky to have you. It’s by far the most positive ending you can have with Panam, and it shows that you stay together beyond the final moments of the game.

A screenshot of River Ward in Cyberpunk 2077.

River romance guide

River Ward is a detective at the NCPD who V first meets during the side-quest I Fought The Law in Act 2 of Cyberpunk 2077. To romance him, you’ll need to be female V.

The I Fought The Law side-quest requires V to investigate the death of the previous mayor of Night City. This is where you’ll meet River, as it soon transpires that he’s investigating the mayor’s death too. Complete this mission, and River will soon call you for help regarding a more personal matter, triggering the quest: The Hunt.

No real dialogue choices to make here, but you do have to make sure River and Randy stay alive throughout the quest. Scan everything in the Braindance, and pick “Edgewater Farm” as the location when the choice arrives. Stick with River throughout, and both he and Randy will stay alive by the end of the quest.

Sometime later, River will call you and ask you to drop by. Accept his offer to proc the quest Following The River. The right dialogue options from here onwards are fairly obvious. Tell him you missed him, flirt at every opportunity. While looking out over the river, choose the option “I can see what you’re doin’.” when it comes up, followed by “Just don’t fall in love…”. After this, you’ll have the opportunity to kiss him, which will trigger a sex scene.

The morning after, River will ask you what it all meant to you. Here, the final choice is what matters. Choose “[Kiss] Yes.”, and you’ll start a longer-term relationship with River.

River romance good ending

If you want the best possible ending with River, then just like with all the other romance options, Panam is the key. Regardless of who you romance, complete all of Panam’s side quests before the final story quest, and then get Panam and her family to help you.

Going this route after starting a long-term relationship with River will mean he joins you out in the Badlands afterwards, and you’ll get the best ending possible with him.

A screenshot of Kerry Eurodyne in Cyberpunk 2077.

Kerry romance guide

Kerry Eurodyne was a member of Samurai, Johnny Silverhand’s old band, and he’s still around in V’s time, looking much the same. To romance him, you’ll need to be male V.

The first step to finding Kerry in Cyberpunk 2077 is to complete the side missions involving Rogue and Johnny: Chippin’ In, and then Blistering Love. After this, you’ll be able to embark on the Holdin’ On quest, where you’ll meet Kerry for the first time in the present day.

From here a string of side quests involving Kerry will reveal themselves one by one, starting with Second Conflict, then A Like Supreme and Rebel! Rebel!. Your first important choice comes after that last quest. Kerry will text you after a while, to which you should respond with “Who doesn’t like explosions and races, right?”.

This will prompt a new string of side quests with Kerry: I Don’t Wanna Hear It, then Off The Leash, and finally Boat Drinks. In Off The Leash, while talking to Kerry on the balcony, the main dialogue options to look out for and choose are:

  • “[Lean] Glad we got a moment to ourselves”
  • “You can tell me”
  • “But you did make it”
  • “Maybe it’s time you stopped being afraid”
  • [Kiss Kerry] Yes.”

The final quest, Boat Drinks, gives you a chance to further this relationship with Kerry. On Kerry’s yacht, you should choose the following options:

  • “[Sit] Yeah”
  • “[Stand] Let’s play!”
  • “Let’s rip the whole fuckin’ boat apart”
  • “[Help Kerry]”
  • “[Kiss]”

This series of choices will culminate in a rather unusual sex scene wherein V and Kerry have sex in the midst of the burning, flaming yacht. Afterwards, on the beach, you should choose the “Hug” option when it arrives in order to start a longer-term relationship with him.

A screenshot of Meredith Stout in Cyberpunk 2077.

Meredith romance guide

Meredith Stout is a Corpo executive who you’ll meet very early on in the main Cyberpunk 2077 storyline. You can be either male or female V in order to romance Meredith – although “romance” is putting it a bit heavily.

There’ll be an option to call and make a deal with her before you enter the Malestrom gang hideout in The Pickup. It doesn’t matter whether you accept the money chip she hands you or not. Just don’t attack her bodyguards.

After this quest is fully resolved, she’ll send you a text, to which you should respond, “Shame. Was starting to like you…”. She’ll offer a meeting place. Tell her “I’ll be there.” Then go to the location, and you’ll be treated with a sex scene with Meredith. That’s the full extent of this romance option.

That wraps up our Cyberpunk 2077 romance guide, but we’ve got plenty more to share on all things Cyberpunk. Why not check out our Cyberpunk 2077 map of Night City, or learn everything we know about the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer project?

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Cyberpunk 2077 romance guide: how to romance Judy, Panam, and more

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